Will E Books ever really catch on?

Written by Birmingham UK Com

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Many authors were enthusiastic aboutrepparttar potential ofrepparttar 108359 e book revolution but if you read what has happenedrepparttar 108360 mainstream writers have now turned against online publishing and e books for reasons of distribution, copyright and format issues.

If your really bored sometime just take a look aroundrepparttar 108361 net for some good quality free e books to download. I have to admit that there are a few gems out there but inrepparttar 108362 main its normally crap. The type of thing you get is listings and directories of online e book stores - all claiming to berepparttar 108363 biggest and best - all offering nothing! When they do offer you anything its almost always associated with ebay, marketing tips, how to run your business blah blah blah - basically crap.

Well rant I may due to having lost 2 hours of my time which I can never replace, but deperately low sales of e books andrepparttar 108364 lack of any half decent material have almost without doubt ensuredrepparttar 108365 continued existence of book retailers who were supposed to be worried about e books and their potential to changerepparttar 108366 way we read. Oh well, another good idea downrepparttar 108367 toilet!

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Which Ebook Format Should You Use?

Written by John Calder

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You also need to remember that many computer users are no longer comfortable downloading any .exe file to their computer. Their well-founded fears of viruses, spyware, and adware often make them hesitant to click on any program with an .exe extension, even from someone they trust. Virtually all Internet marketers, and most surfers, are familiar withrepparttar PDF format, and aren't as resistant to a download. Don't forget support issues - you will most likely have far more support from an .exe file due to compatibility or system problems. A PDF document requires only an Acrobat reader, which is a free download from Adobe, and which many surfers already have on their machines.

For your readers, a PDF document offers convenience in navigation because of bookmark controls built intorepparttar 108358 Acrobat Reader. The navigation within an .exe file is as good asrepparttar 108359 HTML pages it displays. The PDF format is tops in printing too, becauserepparttar 108360 reader has a built-in printing interface, while .exe files often need to be printed page by page.

There are even software tools now that will let you easily rebrand PDF files. Inrepparttar 108361 past, this was perhapsrepparttar 108362 .exe file's biggest advantage, but now it seems that too is gone.

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