Will Amazon Leave Affiliates DEAD?

Written by Lee Benson

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As an Internet marketer, you may have to changerepparttar way your own affiliate program operates. You may find thatrepparttar 102614 affiliate programs you're involved in now cease to operate, or are forced to change inrepparttar 102615 way that they work.

Or, maybe nothing will happen.

Butrepparttar 102616 point is, will you be ready forrepparttar 102617 change if it DOES happen? How will your business cope? How will you cover forrepparttar 102618 lost revenue if your affiliate program stops?

The important message that lies beneath all this doesn't just stop at affiliate programs. It's about innovating forrepparttar 102619 future to cope with new drastic changes. Can you cope?

We're living in exciting times. The Internet is developing all around us, andrepparttar 102620 rules of e-commerce are being rewritten every day. What worked and applied yesterday may be irrelevant or outdated tomorrow.

The people who will truly succeed arerepparttar 102621 ones that can cope with these sudden changes, and inspire new marketing methods and techniques to keep their business booming.

Be ready for change. Not just for affiliate programs, but for anything in life. Expect change, and become so flexible that you can adapt to these changes effectively.

After all, life is full of changes, andrepparttar 102622 successful person can accept this and move on. Are you this type of person?

When change comes (in whatever form), will YOU be ready?

Until next time...

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Work Those Affiliate Programs and Make Some Cash

Written by Merle

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Make a habit of scanning discussion boards and look for any opportunity to answer a question or give advice using your affiliate link. Makerepparttar link a part of your signature line and use it in your e-mail correspondence and newsgroup postings.

If you publish your own ezine, make sure you keep a list of text ads for all ofrepparttar 102613 associate programs you participate in and pick 2 or 3 to put in your newsletter every time you publish. If you've purchasedrepparttar 102614 product yourself, a personal endorsement will pique your subscribers' interest and motivate them to click through. Your subscribers trust you, so don't recommend anything you don't believe in.

Don't forget about placing your ads in other ezines that cater to your target audience. There are plenty of inexpensive newsletters just waiting for your ad copy. For instance, an ad costing you $10.00 could result in three associate sales adding up to $100.00. That's a pretty nice return on your investment.

One trick that has worked well for me overrepparttar 102615 years is placing my associate links in e-books that I've written. Sincerepparttar 102616 books are given away for free there's no telling how many people will see those links and possibly make a purchase. If your book is well written and popular you could stand to make some decent revenue fromrepparttar 102617 associate programs that you've placed in it.

Associate programs really are a great way to make some cash online, but a banner alone is not going to do it. Start promoting your "special link" every chance you get....and you'll be rolling inrepparttar 102618 dough in no time at all.

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