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Written by Cheryl White

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I chose a Conester which is great for attracting butterflies and bees inrepparttar summer and supply red berries forrepparttar 144814 birds in autumn and early winter, Globe thistles which attract Blue Tits and finches whenrepparttar 144815 turn to seed, several sorts of Cranesbill, Tickseed, Rudbeckia and Golden Marguerite which are also good for attracting a variety of insects, Clematis and honeysuckle which provide shelter and nesting sites once matured. Overrepparttar 144816 last couple of years I have really begun to enjoy gardening, being able to watch all my efforts come to life and benefitrepparttar 144817 birds in a small way, which if more and more people put wildlife friendly plants, a birdfeeder or two and perhaps a pond if room permits then this would help to make up for some of their decline and help rebuild their numbers.

Even if you have no garden you could hang a bird feeder onrepparttar 144818 balcony or attach a feeder to a window, you can always make room for at least one! Make a difference to your local feathered friends: you can get a lot pleasure watching all types of birds without even leaving your home.

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Gardening is Good Therapy©

Written by Valerie Giles

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Social and therapeutic horticultures gives these individuals a chance to participate in a meaningful activity, which produces food, in addition to creating skills relating to responsibility, social skills and work ethic.

† The same is true for juvenile offenders. Gardening therapy, as vocational horticulture curriculum, can be a tool to improve social bonding in addition to developing improved attitudes about personal success and a new awareness of personal job preparedness.

The mental benefits donít end there. Increased abilities in decision-making and self-control are common themes reported by staff in secure psychiatric hospitals. Reports of increased confidence, self-esteem and hope are also common in this environment.

Prison staff have also noticed that gardening therapy improvesrepparttar social interaction ofrepparttar 144440 inmates, in addition to improving mutual understanding between project staff and prisoners who shared outdoor conditions of work.

† Itís interesting that studies in both hospitals and prisons consistently list improving relationships between participants, integrating withrepparttar 144441 community, life skills and ownership as being some ofrepparttar 144442 real benefits to participants.

But in addition to creating a myriad of emotional and social benefits,repparttar 144443 health benefits of being outdoors, breathing in fresh air and doing physical work cannot be overlooked. In most studies, participants noted that fresh air, fitness and weight control where prime benefits that couldnít be overlooked.

† Although unable to pin down a solid reason, studies have shown that human being posses an innate attraction to nature. What we do know, is that being outdoors creates feelings of appreciation, tranquility, spirituality and peace. So it would seem, that just being in a garden setting is in itself restorative. Active gardening only heightens those feelings.

† With so many positive benefits to gardening, isnít it time you got outside and started tending to your garden? Next time you are kneeling in fresh dirt to pull weeds or plant a new variety of a vegetable or flower, think aboutrepparttar 144444 tranquility you feel while being outdoors in your garden. Letrepparttar 144445 act of gardening sooth and revitalize you. Soak uprepparttar 144446 positive benefits of tending to your own garden.

If you have someone in your life that could benefit from garden therapy, contact your local health unit to find out more about programs in your area. Not only willrepparttar 144447 enjoyment of gardening help bond you together, but it will also create numerous positive mental and physical benefits for both of you.

So get gardening today for both your physical and mental health. Youíll enjoyrepparttar 144448 experience so much that youíll immediately thank yourself.

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