"Wild and Crazy Headlines Sell!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

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When you drive downrepparttar street, what type of business catches your eye?

Perhaps it isrepparttar 127521 one with colorful balloons, or a waving gorilla or flashy clown. How aboutrepparttar 127522 car wash and gas station that had girls in bikinis? Would that get your attention?

That type of gimmick has little to do withrepparttar 127523 business but they do attract attention.

And either you get noticed or you will fail.

Your business must communicate effectively. Your advertising should be in simple and easy to read and understand sentences, using short words with a headline that is ATTRACTIVE.

The headline of your ad isrepparttar 127524 KEY element.

And, although it should be attractive or attention-getting, you should never compromise your integrity with misleading ad copy.

When you consider allrepparttar 127525 different media types attempting to capture our attention each day, it is understandable why only a few ads will get noticed and still fewer will actually sell a product or service.

A wild and crazy headline might make allrepparttar 127526 difference you need.

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10 Sizzling Offers That Sell Like Crazy!

Written by Larry Dotson

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6. You could reward your potential customers if they spend over a specific dollar amount. Tell them if they spend over $100, they get a 10% discount.

7. You could hold a holiday sale for your potential customers. Tell them everything on your web site is discounted up to 50% on Thanksgiving Day.

8. You could hold a buy one get one free sale for your potential customers. Tell them if they buy one product, they get another product for free atrepparttar same value.

9. You could hold a special $1 sale for your potential customers. They'll come to your web site to buy your product for only a dollar, but may buy other products.

10. You could offer your potential customers a bonus coupon when they buy one of your products. It could be a coupon for another product you sell.

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