Wild Bill's Top 30 Copy Writing Principles!

Written by /"Wild Bill/"

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17. Flattery will get you everywhere:

Yes, everyone likes to hear a little flattery. Keyword here is "little". Don't overdo it!

18. Be Personable:

Let them know that there is a kind, honest and real person behindrepparttar page. People would rather deal with people, not companies, corporations or conglomerates. Addrepparttar 129924 "Human Touch" to your copy.

19. It's Guaranteed:

A guarantee reassuresrepparttar 129925 reader that you are reputable and will live up to your promises.

20. Use "Power"ful Words:

"Power" words are words that move a buyer by enhancing and reinforcing your presented idea. Certain words have proven to be movers and shakers inrepparttar 129926 advertising world. For a limited list of some ofrepparttar 129927 more popular "power words" check here: <>.

21. Share a Secret:

People want to getrepparttar 129928 inside track. If you can convince your prospect that you have an exclusive message for them, you're one step closer to a sale.

22. Keep It Lively:

There are many ways to keep your copy lively. Telling a (brief) story is a strong technique for getting your message across. Separating and highlighting key information or facts is another. Using personal pronouns like "you", we and us will add a sense of warmth to your copy. If you are publishing your own newsletter Last Send, use a personalized program such as this: to put your readers on a first name basis.

23. Go withrepparttar 129929 Flow:

Writing copy requiresrepparttar 129930 ability to make a smooth transition from one point to another. Rather than laying them out like a list, learn to use transitional words. Transitional words are used to go from one point to another. For a list of some ofrepparttar 129931 more popular transitional words and for your own reference, check here: .

24. Check Your Spelling:

Takerepparttar 129932 time and spellcheck your work. Finding misspelled words in web copy leavesrepparttar 129933 reader wondering how competent your product or service could be, if you cannot takerepparttar 129934 time to be sure you spelled repparttar 129935 words in your web copy correctly.

25. Use Photo's to Demonstrate:

Use photos to demonstrate your product or service. If used correctly a picture really is worth a thousand words.

26. Use Graphics to get Attention:

Using buttons, icons and arrows can help directrepparttar 129936 reader's attention to important details. If organized correctly they can also help sort facts or messages into categories.

27. Offer Testimonials:

Offer short, reputable testimonials. People want to hear what others have to say about your product or service.

28. Create a Memorable Logo:

Create a simple, but memorable logo or custom graphic that your visitor can easily relate to your product or service

29. Create an Unforgettable Slogan:

Use a short, easy to remember slogan that a reader will walk away with on his or her lips.

30. Get a Response:

There are many techniques for getting a prospect to respond. Spell it out for them. Tell them to respond. Tell them why they should respond. Give them a reason they should respond now. Offer a bonus or freebie if they respond. Don't require your reader to have a degree in computers to respond to you. Make it easy to do and give them choices of how to do it. If using an order form, make it inviting and easy to use.

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How To Write Sales-Making Headlines and Text

Written by J. R. Beach

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A technique Iíve used for years to help turn features into benefits, WTMTYI is an abbreviation for ďwhat that means to you isÖĒ. For every feature your product has, think ďwhat that means to you isÖĒ and completerepparttar sentence. Youíll have a benefit. ďThis quality vehicle has a turbo-charged six that generates 280 horsepower (and what that means to you is) Youíll have plenty of power to maneuver in traffic and enough acceleration to feel comfortable motoring ontorepparttar 129922 expressway, and thatís important, donít you think?Ē

--Quality over quantity Itís not how much you say, it is how well you say it. Less is better. After you first write your text, go back and make it tighter. Then do it again. The rationale for doing this is two-fold: reading a computer screen is harder than reading from paper and, with one hand onrepparttar 129923 mouse, your visitor is prone to use it as soon as he or she feelsrepparttar 129924 least bit bored.

Ė-Appeal to emotion rather than logic Most purchases are made on an emotional level. Remember, people buy what they WANT, not what they NEED. They buy because of howrepparttar 129925 product or service will make them FEEL. Thatís emotion, not logic. Your text, then, should make them wantrepparttar 129926 product, not insist that they need it. We need food, water, clothing and shelter. Everything else is a want.

--Donít use hype If theyíre smart enough to navigaterepparttar 129927 web, assume theyíre smart enough to see through hype (and theyíve likely seen enough of it). If your product or service is worthy, it doesnít need hype. Besides, to make repeat or referral sales, you want to deliver more than youíve promised. You canít do that if youíve promisedrepparttar 129928 world.

--Avoid incorporating incomprehensible vernacular to persuade your constituents to purchase (Donít use big words to sell) Donít reach forrepparttar 129929 Thesaurus in an attempt to impress your visitor. Text should be easy to read. It should flow. Donít use a large word when a smaller one will do. Please, whatever you do, never write like a lawyer orrepparttar 129930 guys who write userís manuals.

--Use proper grammar Few things will hurt your credibility as will grammar and punctuation mistakes. Youíve been to pages containing misuse ofrepparttar 129931 language. What was your impression? Not professional, perhaps? No, you donít have to be an English professor. Hereís what you can do:

-Use a spell check program. Let it dorepparttar 129932 work for you. -Have a friend proof-read your site. Have several friends proof-read it. If you donít have any qualified friends, pay a professional to help you (thatísrepparttar 129933 cost of having no literate friends). -When in doubt, simplify.

There are numerous sources of additional help on website selling. One ofrepparttar 129934 top sources is http://www.sitesell.com/ operated by Ken Evoy, M.D.

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