Wiki Walks In - take note

Written by John Calder

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How can this help a marketer? For starters, think ofrepparttar relationship building possibilities. Your customers and others can, in effect, help you build your pages, and really feel like they're part of your business. That will not only help establish your site as a valuable source of information in your field, but with regular wiki updates, your site will continually offer fresh spider food forrepparttar 131628 search engines. Another example - think how nice it would be to have your documentation and support forum modified and updated by your users themselves.

There are already lots of wikis on every topic imaginable. If you want to be onrepparttar 131629 front of this trend, check them out now!

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Blogs And Your Work From Home Internet Business

Written by Tom Worsley

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Blogs also create opportunities for more search engine submissions. Recently withrepparttar popularity of blogs special blog search engines have started to emerge. The only way you can submit to one of these special blog search engines is if you have a blog yourself. Blogs create a special rss or xml files that these search engines will look for.

Setting up your blog may initially take some time and effort but itís made much simpler if you use But do not use bloggers hosting service. Be sure to use your own domain and hosing service. This will get yourepparttar 131627 best results withrepparttar 131628 search engines. Once you have chosen your main template look and feel of your blog all you need to do is keep posting new and good content that your readers would be interested in to your blog. Eventually over time you will have 100ís pages of great content that your visitors will enjoy reading all spidered byrepparttar 131629 major search engines giving you more traffic and exposure. --

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