Why your ads aren’t working

Written by Claire Cunningham

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5) Attention Does your ad have stopping power? Willrepparttar intended audience takerepparttar 140915 time to look? This usually requiresrepparttar 140916 synergy of an arresting visual and a powerful headline.

6) Objectives Are you asking advertising to do what it’s good at? Generating inquiries and creating awareness are reasonable ad objectives. But don’t expect advertising to SELL a product. Good ads set up opportunities to sell. Your sales channel will need to closerepparttar 140917 deal.

7) Measuring results Do you really know what your advertising is achieving? Are you collecting and reviewing results that relate to your objectives? For instance, if you expect your advertising program to generate inquiries, measurement that looks at inquiry quantity and quality should be built into your program.

Sound intimidating? Communication is important to any business but it’s complicated. Fortunately there are experienced consultants and agencies who can help you.

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A Quick And Unique Way To Get Free Advertising

Written by Martin Hoffmeister

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I am aware that not all people will love my default color settings. Try this and addrepparttar following string torepparttar 140608 URL above:


Click here to seerepparttar 140609 difference!

Color Parameters:

a - Background b - Border c - Headline d - Headline Background e - Text Background

Don't likerepparttar 140610 form buttons? Try this:


So you see, giving away content is a powerful way to get free advertising. The resource box atrepparttar 140611 end of each article acts as an ad. In return, you get free advertising. It's a win/win situation for both you and your website visitors that view your free content.

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