Why we Read a book?

Written by Aarti Narang

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If searching for a sensational and alluring related information then go for magazine and newspapers,repparttar reason is these source of information basically concentrate on attractively and interesting stuff. if need any educative information then go for those articles which are based on opinion or news or feature. Want any urgent tips on something then go for websites on net as on websitesrepparttar 150900 main aim of writer is to stress onrepparttar 150901 informational value though they use their creativity to understand yourepparttar 150902 same topic fromrepparttar 150903 different aspects but you can achieverepparttar 150904 desired things atrepparttar 150905 earliest. If you know what you want from an article, and recognize its type, you can extract information from it quickly and efficiently.

To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark."-- Victor Hugo quotes

Reading a book for yourself or someone else, you can help makerepparttar 150906 reading more relevant and valuable by being a little prepared and having a clear question or purpose forrepparttar 150907 reading. Reading on any topic give something from it, your reading never gets fail to give you nothing as while reading a story book a reader can getrepparttar 150908 morale from it, reading a traveling bookrepparttar 150909 reader can aware aboutrepparttar 150910 tourist places andrepparttar 150911 weather conditions and more and more reading never lets you down always try to give everything from it.

Key points One should keep in mind following strategies and techniques to make their reading more effective:-

These are: •Purpose of reading must be clear in your mind, not reading purposefully try to getrepparttar 150912 morale ofrepparttar 150913 reading. •Readrepparttar 150914 document carefully and focus fully •Give 100% attention torepparttar 150915 reading document •Use pen, pencil or marker to highlightrepparttar 150916 important topics •Studyrepparttar 150917 document again if not getting any point •Creating your own table of contents for reviewing material


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Vendors and Online Communities

Written by Michael Boyink

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Don't Bash Competitors or Past Customers: The community is notrepparttar place to air your dirty laundry, or resolve customer service issues. Take those off-line. Talk up your competitors strengths, not their weaknesses.

Be Open to Feedback: If someone fromrepparttar 150740 community buys your product, be open to feedback about it. This is free market research and usability testing for you. If someone posts a complaint about your product, publicly thank them for takingrepparttar 150741 time and request an off-line way to follow up. Keep in mind everyone is watching how you handle yourself - takingrepparttar 150742 high road isrepparttar 150743 only way to guarantee future sales here. Keep in mind this community is already connected, and word will get around regardless.

Offer Group Discounts: Any large web community will likely have common needs. Offer a discount on products or services ifrepparttar 150744 community can arrange a group buy.

Offer to Supportrepparttar 150745 Community: Most email lists or discussion forums have usually have costs associated with them that either one person is paying for, orrepparttar 150746 community is paying for. Before they get mad at you for making money off of their efforts, offer to help pay for those costs - sponsor a month's worth of hosting, or donate a product to be auctioned off. Other advertising channels will cost you money, don't assume this is a free ride.

Be Involved: All too often communities see businesses post once then never return. Don't do that. If you're serious about helping this community out, become part of it. Take part inrepparttar 150747 off-topic threads. Give advice that doesn't include a pitch for your products or services. Get to knowrepparttar 150748 people that make up this community on a personal level - don't just view them as your "target market".

Michael Boyink has been involved in online communities since 1992. As Principal of Boyink Interactive he helps businesses develop and execute internet strategies that include online communities. To learn more about how your company can 'Get Boyinked!' visit http://www.boyink.com

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