Why use multiple domain names?

Written by Richard Lowe

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If you use this method, be sure it's honest and sincere. Do NOT do this to spam search engines (in fact, to be perfectly safe, set your metatags to stop robots from indexing those pages). These are not intended for search engines - these pages are intended for focused marketing campaigns.

Regional content - If your site has regional content, you might purchase specific domain names to focus on that content. For example, if you had a stamp collection site, you could purchase "my-stamps.to" for Tonga related stamps, "my-stamps.us" for United States stamps and so on. You could also keep it simpler and purchase "my-tonga-stamps.com" for your general site, "my-english-stamps.com" for your English stamps and so on. These should also use 301 redirects to keeprepparttar specific domain names from being indexed.

Uses forrepparttar 108298 .NAME TLD - You might even consider purchaserepparttar 108299 .name TLD for your senior managers. Put up simple web sites about them, with links to your main site. These SHOULD be indexed inrepparttar 108300 search engines, as you want people to find them if they are looking for information about your personnel.

Don't forget email - Remember you can get email on each and every one ofrepparttar 108301 domains that your purchase. In fact, this is a great reason to purchase additional domain names - people can send you email by different means. So be sure to set uprepparttar 108302 email for each and every domain to go to a general, "catch-all" account. It's a good idea, though, to heavily spam-filter this account as it can collect a huge amount of junk.

Subdomains - This is a great way to get much ofrepparttar 108303 benefit of repparttar 108304 above listed techniques without purchasing additional domain names. It does require a little more control of your DNS entries, however, as most ISPs and web hosts will not be willing to do these kinds of things for you.

In this case, you could define "housekeeping.com" asrepparttar 108305 primary domain, then "cleaning.housekeeping.com", "sewing.housekeeping.com" and "cooking.housekeeping.com" asrepparttar 108306 subdomains. You should continue to use 301 redirects to keeprepparttar 108307 search engines from indexing these pages.

Renewals - Don't forget to renew all of these domains each year. At least examine each one when renewal time comes and consciously decide whether or not you needrepparttar 108308 domain. Don't let them expire without your knowledge. Someone else may then benefit from your hard work.

Other people's mistakes - Sometimes you might find thatrepparttar 108309 domain you want is not available. In this case, take a look at repparttar 108310 WHOIS record and see when it expires. Set up a reminder for 30 days from this date and every week or so thereafter. On those days, try and purchaserepparttar 108311 domain. Quite often, (especially these days) you may be surprised to findrepparttar 108312 domain has become available.

Other TLD systems - Companies such as new.net are offering many more pseudo-TLDs such as .SHOP and .XXX torepparttar 108313 general public. I would avoid these new systems likerepparttar 108314 plague. These are at best bad ideas and at worst scams. They are attempts to supercederepparttar 108315 official internet standard TLD system by companies with questionable motivations. They all require browser plug-ins or other customizations to work, and some of them come piggy-backed with spyware and other malicious applications.

These alternate TLDs do not get indexed in search engines, and they may conflict with future TLDs added inrepparttar 108316 official domain name structure (and thus become useless). On top of that, they are extremely expensive.

In my opinion, it is critical thatrepparttar 108317 internet domain name structure remain underrepparttar 108318 control of a central governing body. While this body (currently ICANN) is not operating as desired by repparttar 108319 majority, it's still much better being under one umbrella than splintering this all overrepparttar 108320 place.

Straight TCP/IP address - I am always surprised to come across a site which is listed in search engines, ezines and other promotions as a straight TCP/IP address. This is not only tacky and a sign of a spammer, it's not very intelligent as well. If you do this and move your site (changing it's IP), you will lose all ofrepparttar 108321 traffic that you have so painfully gained.

Conclusions - The point is that owning more than one domain has many uses, although it is no longer of much value from a search engine optimization viewpoint. Instead, you can userepparttar 108322 other domain names to fulfill other types of marketing and to attract people from specific markets to your site.

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The In's and Out's of Pre-Owned Domain Names

Written by Richard Lowe

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It has a good page rank in Google - Another thing that webmasters work very hard on is gaining page rank with Google, repparttar number one search engine. A high page rank implies thatrepparttar 108297 site appears nearerrepparttar 108298 top in search results pages. When you purchase a domain, you can inheritrepparttar 108299 resulting page rank and traffic. Note that you will need to duplicaterepparttar 108300 page or pages referred to by Google in order for this to work properly.

The Downside Of Using Pre-Owned Names

You inherit spam - Ifrepparttar 108301 previous owner received spam email, then when you take overrepparttar 108302 domain you may very well inherit it. Why is this? Well, when you own a domain name, you getrepparttar 108303 email sent to every single username on that domain. Of course, most email servers are smart enough to "bounce" email messages for users who do not exist, but that email still gets sent torepparttar 108304 server. For a domain which received a lot of spam, it could mean a significant amount of bandwidth used just for junk messages to non-existent users.

You can inherit robot activity - I got a domain once which someone had listed with a number of robots (programs which perform automatic functions). These robots were exceptionally active and caused a tremendous amount of traffic - so much so that I had to give up usingrepparttar 108305 domain for a couple of months untilrepparttar 108306 robots stopped visiting.

You might inherit enemies - Sometimes people give up domain names for a reason. One of those reasons might be an enemy - someone (or a group) that is targetingrepparttar 108307 name for some malicious act. For example,repparttar 108308 name might berepparttar 108309 target of email bombs or denial-of-service attacks. In these instances, you could find yourself inheriting these issues.

The domain could be banned - If a site gets involved in spamming search engines (attempting to fool them for higher placement onrepparttar 108310 results pages), it can be banned. By purchasing these old domain names, you might be similarly banned. This normally would not effect your existing domains, but it might reducerepparttar 108311 value ofrepparttar 108312 domain name that you purchased.

Things to do before giving up a domain name

Be sure you really want to expirerepparttar 108313 domain - Once someone else purchases your domain name, you may find it impossible or very expensive to get it returned. You will lose access torepparttar 108314 use ofrepparttar 108315 name entirely. So be sure that you want to give it up before you actually allow it to expire.

Be aware of expiration dates - Keep an eye on your domain name expiration dates as you may not get notified byrepparttar 108316 registrar before expiration. This can happen because email is not a perfect delivery system, because of a glitch inrepparttar 108317 registrar system or even because you didn't check your mail or email for repparttar 108318 renewal. Don't accidentally lose your domain names.

Change your email addresses - Once you lose access to a domain, you will lose access to any email that is going to that domain. Think of all ofrepparttar 108319 private emails that you get, and imagine them going to strangers. Well, once someone else getsrepparttar 108320 domain he may receive those private emails.

Change any links that you can - If you are allowing a domain to expire, be sure you salvage any links that you might want to keep. While you can do this after a domain name expires, it makes more sense to do it beforehand. For example, if you had owned three domains that all went torepparttar 108321 same web site and you allowed two of them to expire, you might want to spendrepparttar 108322 time to changerepparttar 108323 links torepparttar 108324 domain name that you keep.

Richard Lowe Jr. is the webmaster of Internet Tips And Secrets at http://www.internet-tips.net - Visit our website any time to read over 1,000 complete FREE articles about how to improve your internet profits, enjoyment and knowledge.

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