Why use an air ratchet wrench?

Written by Jason Miller

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with this air tool. Using an air ratchet wrench is like going from an old handheld screwdriver to an 18v cordless drill. Itís a world of difference and easy to use. The sockets are just likerepparttar ones in your socket set and snap right on torepparttar 150550 tool. Just give it a try on your next automotive garage project and you will seerepparttar 150551 difference. If you really get crazy, try an Ingersoll Rand IR111 Knuckle Saver 3/8 Reactionless Air Ratchet Wrench. This revolutionary Reactionless Ratchet has a unique reactionless mechanism. It makes gearing unnecessary and it absorbs kickback whenrepparttar 150552 nut runs tight. It is one ofrepparttar 150553 fastest ratchets you can buy and delivers up to 50 ft.-lbs. maximum torque

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The Last Of The 455 Pontiac Trans Ams

Written by Sue and Chuck DeFiore

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When I come out ofrepparttar store this guy has finally got there and is waiting for me and says, ďbutrepparttar 150549 commercial says Mustangs will beatrepparttar 150550 pants offrepparttar 150551 Trans Am.Ē I very blithely replied, ďNot this Trans Am!Ē

They donít make them like this anymore. Itís sad when you think about it! Those of us who lived and grew up inrepparttar 150552 era ofrepparttar 150553 muscle cars, street rods, Saturday night cruise nights were very,very lucky. I feel sorry forrepparttar 150554 youth of today that they missed out on all of this.

So what happened to that great 455 Trans Am, unfortunatelyrepparttar 150555 harsh upstate NY winters arenítkind to cars and rust tookrepparttar 150556 Trans Am from us. However, we did replace it Ė with a customized 1973 Vette, which we drove cross country to California, but thatís a whole nother story!

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