Why use XHTML?

Written by Gary R. Hess

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XML has been gaining ground ever sincerepparttar start of RSS and will only grow asrepparttar 131564 weeks and months go on. When Firefox announcedrepparttar 131565 support of live bookmarks in 1.0repparttar 131566 frenzy just began.

Sincerepparttar 131567 beginning of 2004, Yahoo, MSN and many other news organizations have came out with RSS support. Plus, withrepparttar 131568 rise of blogs XHTML and XML have come torepparttar 131569 forefront of today's technology.

With Internet Explorer getting heat from Firefox with Opera (who also has RSS support) holding onto a small percentage, they are looking at possibly using RSS support to help hold downrepparttar 131570 Mozillians.

So in retrospect, XHTML shows professionalism and isrepparttar 131571 future ofrepparttar 131572 World Wide Web. So why not stay ahead ofrepparttar 131573 game and switch over now It is worth your time, believe me.

Gary is a freelance web designer for Low Cost Web Design

Selling Merchandise On Your Website

Written by Suzanne Power

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Another California-based company that launched a similar service to Cafepress in 2003 and has a substantial share ofrepparttar US market. Again pricing is only available in US Dollars. And while Zazzle's range of garment colours is stronger than Cafepress, printing on black or dark shirts is still not supported.

Zazzle does not charge a monthly fee but webmasters will find it rather more difficult to integrate their shop intorepparttar 131563 look and feel of their own site.



This one looks interesting. Spreadshirt was founded in Germany in 2002 and boasts over 60,000 partners across Europe, winningrepparttar 131564 Hewlett Packard Business Innovation Award in 2004. Unlike its American competitors, Spreadshirt caters for both European and US customers, using regional shipping companies and allowing webmasters to price products in Euros, Sterling, or US Dollars. Shops can also be automatically translated into eight languages.

Spreadshirt has also solvedrepparttar 131565 thorny "black shirt" issue, offering over 50 products in a full range of colours. However, it's probablyrepparttar 131566 different printing options that setsrepparttar 131567 service apart. In particular, Spreadshirt's "flock" printing creating a raised felt finish produces a result much more impressive than regular digital print.

Finally, hats off to Spreadshirt for managing to keep its branding onrepparttar 131568 product but still allow webmasters full control overrepparttar 131569 look and feel of their shops. Already a dominant force inrepparttar 131570 European market, Spreadshirt could be set to give Cafepress a run for their money inrepparttar 131571 US.

Spreadshirt US Spreadshirt UK


EShirt is another European company this time Italian-based - providing an almost-identical product range to Cafepress ie no dark shirts. Euro, US Dollar and Sterling pricing is available. However,repparttar 131572 only print option available is digital hot press printing notrepparttar 131573 longest lasting technique.

The most inconvenient aspect of EShirt's service is shop integration. You must register as a Tradedoubler affiliate before you can even apply for an EShirt shop. And even then, it is not possible to recreaterepparttar 131574 look and feel of your own site.


Suzanne Power is the editor of GrandWebDesigns.com

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