Why use Mineral Make-up without Bismuth Oxychloride?

Written by Aleta Wells

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note), butrepparttar amount of mineral powder that you get from Belle Saison is 20 grams, as compared with mineral Secret's 10 gram units for twicerepparttar 135029 price! We stick to using only micronized mineral pigments, no "rice powder" anywhere. Rice powder is a food grade additive, and therefore can cause molds, yeasts and other "nasties" to grow. Belle Saison uses only inorganic products in our mineral powder make-up line. As someone who has battled with skin problems for 20 years, it is refreshing to use Belle Saison's mineral make-up line, and to finally be seeingrepparttar 135030 last of unsightly skin maladies. The longer I userepparttar 135031 products,repparttar 135032 better my skin looks!

Aleta has over 25 years experience in the beauty/fitness world, and has personally tried almost every beauty product on the market.

Are You Trying too Hard to Be Happy?

Written by Carna Zacharias-Miller

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You could suffer from “Missing Mother Syndrome” if you experiencerepparttar following conditions on a regular basis:

You feel lost, out of place, and unsafe in this world There is an underlying sadness in your life, even if nothing is wrong You tend to feel lonely and depressed, especially at other people's "Happy Family" gatherings You hate your body or are unsure about "being a woman" You have abandonment or anger issues that hurt your relationships You experience social stress - You either try to stay invisible, or you have a compulsion to be inrepparttar 135028 limelight Any major crisis in your life, like a divorce, job loss, or bereavement, throws you right back intorepparttar 135029 painful past There is a lot of fear, anxiety, or even guilt and shame in your life You feel homesick without knowing where "home" is You are trying too hard to be happy and "perfect" You take rejection very personally You believe that everybody else gets their act together - except for you

With tapping, deep seated negative emotions and painful memories are brought torepparttar 135030 surface and released – fast and with little additional distress. Gary Craig,repparttar 135031 founder of EFT: “EFT has a high success rate with trauma and abuse issues, especially when applied to specific events.”

Happiness is not a single, solid “thing” one can chase down doggedly, obtain and possess. It is rather a fluid quality that evolves naturally, whenrepparttar 135032 obstructions that keep it from being are dissolved. Childhood trauma is certainly one ofrepparttar 135033 main obstructions. Sometimes, a condition that is obvious, is notrepparttar 135034 real problem. To recognize that “Missing Mother Syndrome” isrepparttar 135035 underlying cause of never feeling “right”, can berepparttar 135036 first step on a woman’s Healing Journey.

Carna Zacharias-Miller, EFT-CC, EFT-ADV, is a spiritual writer and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner in Florida. She offers live and telephone sessions. Her specialty is helping “Motherless Daughters” to release the painful past and heal their hearts. E-Mail: info@missingmother.com Website: www.missingmother.com

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