Why this man doesn’t want you to “quit” smoking?

Written by Kristene Schlitten

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“When I first sawrepparttar brochure to ‘Stop Smoking in One Hour’ I laughed and laughed,” said Mr. Kershaw. “But I finally maderepparttar 147108 call and after a one-hour session I haven’t smoked a single cigarette since. I obviously believe inrepparttar 147109 cause.” The American Medical Association has recognized hypnosis as a viable therapeutic technique for years butrepparttar 147110 advent of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has taken hypnosis to a new level. Mr. Wissing explains, “We often talk to ourselves in quite a negative and unfocused manner. NLP uses positive and focused techniques to make positive change in our lives and behaviors.” But how does Hypnosis and NLP work so quickly? Mr. Wissing explains, “Hypnosis and NLP are very efficient at breaking habits. The way your mind communicates to your body is usually unnoticed but becomes obvious (urges) when we want to change a habitual behavior. Once your mind changes, urges subside. It’s that easy” Sounds like a winning strategy to us. Why not getrepparttar 147111 assistance you may need to stop smoking or make other positive changes in your life? Mr. Wissing can be reached for a personal appointment on through Healthy Life Centers at http://www.iwanttoquitsmoking.com/

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What should you do if you have 33 pounds of fat on your body?

Written by Drew Straub

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There is too much misinformation "out there" confusing everybody about what is healthy or not. You can even see doctors inrepparttar media contradicting other doctors.

Where do you go for help?

How about torepparttar 147107 same people that athletes, movie stars and supermodels see? Sure they cost a fortune in person. But did you know they have written books about their expertise that are a bit more affordable?

Seriously, nutrition and body building is a science these days. The techniques have been worked out and tested. In fact, they have been around for a long time.

Stop listening torepparttar 147108 "current fad diet", and don't let yourself get paralyzed with fear when you hearrepparttar 147109 latest medical news on TV.

You CAN build a body that is not only healthy, but strong. In fact, you can give yourselfrepparttar 147110 body of a God or Goddess. Seriously.

Don't get duped into using strange diets, pills, or even dangerous exercises. Not only will you be disappointed withrepparttar 147111 results, you could actually endanger your health.

Do your research, find out what works, get expert advice, and becomerepparttar 147112 STRONG and HEALTHY person of your dreams.

You just need to talk torepparttar 147113 right people.

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Drew Straub invites you check out his new site which he built to help people find the best advice on fat loss and muscle building by the top 10 experts at http://fatloss.wowshoppe.com

Fat Loss

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