Why the wellness industry makes an ideal online business

Written by Kathy Joyce

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Designing your own site is very easy now withrepparttar simple to use software available. You don't need to know HTML programing anymore.

Some companies may provide you with your own homepage linked into their main site. This would enable you to presentrepparttar 117057 products and business opportunity withoutrepparttar 117058 trouble and expense of designing your own site.

This is great as you can produce business cards and flyers with your address and promote bothrepparttar 117059 products and business opportunity to people who may be interested withoutrepparttar 117060 need to hand out catalogues or leaflets.

The downside is that you don't have control overrepparttar 117061 look of repparttar 117062 page which could make it very limiting.

The internet enables you to widen your search for customers and potential distributors. Visitors will find your webpage and approach you aboutrepparttar 117063 products and business opportunity. They will be pre-qualified having read about your business opportunity and products on your site.

The downside is that you don't have control overrepparttar 117064 look of repparttar 117065 page which could make it very limiting.

Promotion of your site or webpage is vital to get traffic, and there are many ways on and offline to do this including,

submitting your site torepparttar 117066 main search engines and directories,

Producing a newsletter,

writing articles and submitting them to ezine directories, handing out business cards with your website address on them to people you meet,

placing ads in local newspapers, health magazines, your local gymn or fitness centre.

Printing out flyers and leaving them everywhere including cafe's, on car windscreens, in newsagents windows etc.

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Turn "Rusty Junk" Into eBay Gold

Written by Pete Egeler

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I'll dust it off, and take a couple of pictures, but it will be sold "as is."

Why? Because someone that DOES know about lamps, will exactly how to clean this particular item up inrepparttar CORRECT manner, so as not to damage it.

They will know it needs work, and they will know what, and how to bring it back torepparttar 117056 condition it should be in.

One ofrepparttar 117057 "biggies" these days isrepparttar 117058 "country" look in home decor.

People especially like to add old tools, etc. from "the farm" to their homes as part of their "country" decor. You'll find that they want everything from old harnesses, to plow shares, to shovels, watering and milk cans, etc.

So, look around. See what you might have stashed away inrepparttar 117059 corner of your garage, in your attic, etc. Don't want it any more? Just drag it out, dust it off, and sell it on eBay.

Someone is sure to be looking for justrepparttar 117060 item you no longer want.

====================================================== Pete Egeler isrepparttar 117061 author of "Dumpster Diving for eBay Profits," and a twice-monthly newsletter entitled "DDNews." You can check out either of these by visiting his web site at: http://shmyl.com/ciaa You can also email Pete at:pegeler@glorymountain.com for more information. ======================================================

Pete Egeler is the author of "Dumpster Diving for eBay Profits" and editor of the newsletter, DDNews.

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