Why some hate more than others...(F)

Written by Terry Dashner

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“Several whole categories of vigorous grown men who might otherwise have been considered as warriors in Joshua’s army were specifically to be excluded fromrepparttar frontlines. Those who had just built a new house were to go back. Also those who had planted a new vineyard and those who were engaged to a woman but not yet married. Some reasoning is given on to say that those who are ‘fearful and fainthearted’ should also return (see Deut. 20:8).

“Significantly, in my opinion, no indication of rebuke or disappointment is recorded. Apparently their rightful place was at home, not at war.

“This same law of warfare was applied later to Gideon. Gideon started with 32,000 potential warriors. Of these, 22,000 were fearful or fainthearted and they were encouraged to go home. Then God called only 300 out ofrepparttar 132173 10,000 who would otherwise have been eligible. They were notrepparttar 132174 biggest,repparttar 132175 strongest,repparttar 132176 youngest,repparttar 132177 fastest runners,repparttar 132178 most experienced,repparttar 132179 best sword fighters or evenrepparttar 132180 bravest. In His own way, God sovereignty called 300 to go and He called 9,700 not to go.

“This isrepparttar 132181 wayrepparttar 132182 Body of Christ is intended to operate. God gifts and calls only a few to be public evangelists and to preachrepparttar 132183 gospel to crowds from platforms. God calls only a few to leave their homes and families and to move in as missionaries to a foreign country and a foreign culture. They needrepparttar 132184 rest of us who do not go onrepparttar 132185 platforms or to other countries to back them up in every way. And we need them. The eye cannot say torepparttar 132186 hand ‘I have no need of you’” (see I Corinthians 12:21).

To end this topic let me say this. Hate is not of God, ever. Even in Old Testament times whenrepparttar 132187 Israelites went to battle against her enemies, Israel was to offer terms of peace first before invading by military might. Israel was never allowed by God to ambush or sneak attack her enemies. God was showing mercy torepparttar 132188 wicked even in giving Israel rules of engagement. Hate is fromrepparttar 132189 devil. Hate, small or large, is evil. Hate never wins out. Hate is not a tool for a Christian to use against any person. The Bible tells us to treat others as we want others to treat us.

Whilerepparttar 132190 paragraph above speaks to conventional warfare, this closing paragraph highlights a spiritual technique to be used against hate. Some men hate more than others because their hearts are not right before God. Hate plays intorepparttar 132191 hands of devils and multiplies and intensifies as evil. This kind of hate must be addressed by spiritual warfare, especially spiritual mapping (mapping a locality to discover which demons controlrepparttar 132192 area). Oncerepparttar 132193 demon of racism, arrogance or any other demon of hell is identified, all warfare in prayer and Word authority should be directed specifically against that demon hierarchy which has been named. Whenrepparttar 132194 demons of hell are bound byrepparttar 132195 power ofrepparttar 132196 Holy Spirit, change comes. Hates decreases and love increases. Church bells begin to ring out once again. The Kingdom of God is being brought near.

So, where do we go from here? This is where we go from here---torepparttar 132197 prayer closets to pray.

Keeprepparttar 132198 faith. Stayrepparttar 132199 course in pray and speakingrepparttar 132200 Word of God. Jesus is coming real soon.

Pastor Tdash—blessed!

Pastors a church in Broken Arrow, OK. Writes daily devotions for his congregation.

Why Do We Need Our Addictions?

Written by Brian Maloney

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Obviously,repparttar latter is where we would all love to be, however, no one can break obsessive patterns unless they are understood, acknowledged, and then taken apart methodically.

This must come fromrepparttar 132172 person within!

Analyzing your own behaviors from dusk to dawn and understanding that every action and decision has an end result of good or bad consequences, can promptrepparttar 132173 ‘ball to suddenly move forward.’

If denial skews logic even after acknowledging that negatives come out of specific actions, then additional introspection should be indicated or an external intervention employed.

If you let your security and self worth derive from your past, then your past will always haunt you. However, ifrepparttar 132174 past is treated like it should be, as a way of understanding ourselves better through lessons learned, then your future can be today and beyond withoutrepparttar 132175 crutches.

Many of us carry around demons fromrepparttar 132176 past and hold them as close to our hearts as anything else. They, in some way, fulfill what we think we are worth.

The truth is, everyone is literally invaluable, there is no price that could ever be placed upon you. Living pure, clean, and free of addictions is extremely attainable, although, analyzing and understanding yourself first....isrepparttar 132177 only way it can be done.

Strive to accomplish that daily, and you are on your way to a much more loving, happier, and content future then you could ever imagine.

--by Brian Maloney-ValuePrep.com Want to improve your personal values? Get high-quality relationship advice from a 'Logical' standpoint. Visit ValuePrep - Relationship Advice & Help **Attn Ezine editors / Site Owners** Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety in your ezine or on your website as long as you leave all links in place, do not modify repparttar 132178 content and include our resource box as listed above.

Brian Maloney is a writer who specializes in developing peoples values and morals to help individuals better understand themselves.

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