Why search engine optimisation is doomed … and quality content is the best strategy for your website

Written by Chris Mole

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Evoy’s company, Sitesell.com, has an excellent, free link exchange service, which I have found very satisfactory for gaining links to my own sites.

Once you have a few quality links to your site, that’s enough, according to Evoy. From then on, concentrate on adding more and more content to your site.

There is an important place for keywords on these new content pages. It helps to focus each page on one or two keywords (actually, it’s better to use key phrases, because these are what Web searchers typically use) sprinkle these keywords and phrases throughout your page.

You can findrepparttar best keywords by using a service called Wordtracker. This is particularly useful because it saves you from simply guessing which words and phrases people are searching on, and gives yourepparttar 105145 actual search terms being used – and how much competition there is for these terms.

I won’t go too much into keyword analysis here. Suffice it to say, if you follow Evoy’s advice, you’ll focus mainly on writing content-filled pages that are of genuine value to your prospective customers or clients.

Asrepparttar 105146 search engines seerepparttar 105147 content on your site continually changing, they’ll return more often. They’ll spider new content on your pages faster and faster. This is good news and helps your search engine rankings.

The only downside of Evoy’s approach is that it does take time and commitment to keep adding content to your website. It may seem easier to pay an SEO expert.

But consider this. Even if you do achieve a good ranking inrepparttar 105148 search engines through SEO, if a visitor arrives and finds mediocre content, what’srepparttar 105149 use. They’ll simply click away. For most small businesses, with limited financial resources,repparttar 105150 key to getting your website noticed inrepparttar 105151 search engines is a slow, steady approach of adding more and more pages with great, relevant content for your marketplace.

Then you can forget about SEO and every other trick.

Focus on building content and everything else will take care of itself.

Chris Mole is a freelance website copywriter based near Christchurch, New Zealand. He has more than 20 years experience writing for print, radio and Web media and now specialises in writing truly persuasive sales copy for small businesses.

Website: www.web-words.co.nz Email: chris@web-words.co.nz

Make Your Website Headline Sell

Written by Chris Mole

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Now, you can edit out any unsuitable ideas and narrow them down to those with potential to make a powerful headline.

Tip 4. Create a combination headline.

Sometimes, it works best to list several benefits all inrepparttar one headline. This can be really powerful if you have several benefits that are all equally important.

You first need to followrepparttar 105144 advice in Tip 1 and list as many benefits as possible of your product or service. Then string them together.

Here’s a great example I found recently onrepparttar 105145 website of a web design company called 37Signals.com:

“37 Signals is an elite team of expert web design and usability specialists dedicated to simple, clear and usable customer-focused design”.

There are several benefits packed into this headline. But it works well.

Tip 5. Forget your product. Deliverrepparttar 105146 dream.

When people buy things, they do so more on emotion that logic. This is a fundamental principle that salespeople use and you can employ it effectively when writing your headlines.

You need to get insiderepparttar 105147 mind of your prospective customer or client and think about his or her dreams. What would they really like to achieve or accomplish? What can you offer that will help them achieve this dream?

For example, here’s a great headline fromrepparttar 105148 website of a company that sells toys for children … of all ages. It reads:

“We don’t stop playing because we get old. We get old because we stop playing”.

Note how it appeals torepparttar 105149 dream we all have to stay young!

Tip 6. Use testimonials from satisfied customers in your headline

Testimonials are a vital part of every small business website. They help establish your credibility faster than any other method. Sometimes, you can make a powerful headline by building it around a comment from a satisfied customer.

If you’re not already gathering testimonials, you should start doing so immediately. Look at allrepparttar 105150 emails, faxes and letters you’ve had from satisfied customers and noterepparttar 105151 comments of appreciation they’ve made about your product or service. Then contact them and ask if they’d mind you using these comments as a testimonial.

Here’s an example of a testimonial used in a headline for a fictional weight loss product:

“I lost 10kg in two weeks with this simple diet plan. I have more energy and feel better than I have in years. Thanks so much Miracle Diet!”

Or this one for a household cleaning product:

“I’ve tried every other bathroom cleaner inrepparttar 105152 supermarket but none even comes close torepparttar 105153 shine I get with Wonder Shine!”

Now, it’s up to you to write a winning headline!

These 6 tips should provide you with lots of ideas to write an attention-getting headline for your website. As a final tip, it’s important you feel comfortable with your headline. It needs to fit with your own personality andrepparttar 105154 image you want to create for your business.

You need to blow your own trumpet a little bit. So don’t be too modest. But don’t go overrepparttar 105155 top with hype, either. If you don’t feel comfortable with your headline, chances are it will turn off your prospective customers.

The aim is a good, strong headline that clearly spells outrepparttar 105156 benefits of your product or service. If you invest a little time, effort and imagination, you’ll be amazed at what you come up with.

And what’s more important, your new headline will almost certainly give your website sales a big boost.

Chris Mole is a freelance website copywriter based near Christchurch, New Zealand. He has more than 20 years experience writing for print, radio and Web media and now specialises in writing truly persuasive sales copy for small businesses.

Website: www.web-words.co.nz Email: chris@web-words.co.nz

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