Why my Lactate Threshold Training is better than any other Strength Training System.

Written by Deborah Caruana RN, MES, CPT

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Withrepparttar simple counting system that I use, you can track your progress very easily. So easily, that you don't really need logs and complicated spread sheets. Your gains will be consistent, trackable and very measurable. Weight machines and gym equipment generally shaperepparttar 135835 body so it looks bulky, 'like a gym body' whererepparttar 135836 parts don't all seem to fit together. This is because in a gym environmentrepparttar 135837 machines force you to work muscles separately in isolation fromrepparttar 135838 core andrepparttar 135839 network ofrepparttar 135840 whole body. Lactate Threshold Strength Training integrates whole body movements and brings allrepparttar 135841 parts together into each exercise. Because you are using allrepparttar 135842 muscles synergistically in a concentrated effort pulling all ofrepparttar 135843 muscles into one dynamic reactive coil ready to spring intorepparttar 135844 next movement or challenge. This creates long lean flowing muscles that flow just likerepparttar 135845 workout flows. How Does The Workout Go? Generally afterrepparttar 135846 initial assessment I discover peoples strengths and weaknesses and what I mostly discover is people want a boost to their metabolism to burn fat. In order to burn fat what I want to do is target allrepparttar 135847 largest muscles inrepparttar 135848 body. Which arerepparttar 135849 legs and of courserepparttar 135850 gluteus maximus…the largest of all. So to be sure to get that metabolic lift I will spendrepparttar 135851 first half hour ofrepparttar 135852 session on legs and glutes. Don't worry ladies, your legs won't get bigger from allrepparttar 135853 leg work because we use no weight but your own body weight, with lots of isometrics and repetitions. I also have to add hear that you will see significant flexibility gains because you always go deeper intorepparttar 135854 positions as you get stronger. Because you have no machines to support you with just your body in space you will get significant core work by just holding your self up and maintaining your balance without something to lean on. The nest half hour covers chest, back , shoulders and arms but remember with each exercise every single body part is connected and working for thermogenesis and overall strength and coordination. Abs are last and don't take long because they have been workingrepparttar 135855 entire time, now its just a finishing process of carving a little deeper. The stretch atrepparttar 135856 end just feels good and prepares you to relax and be energized forrepparttar 135857 rest ofrepparttar 135858 day. It's time to start an intelligent exercise program so sign up today and make your body gorgeous! My Lactate Threshold Strength Training DVD is coming soon so stay tuned or log onto my website for more info. Deborah Caruana RN, MES, PT. Website: www.vitalsignsfitness.com Email: deb@vitalsignsfitness.com

DEBORAH is a highly respected authority in personal training for overall health and fitness, with more than 22 years of experience and success.

Rebounding to Good Health

Written by Candice Pardue

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Who Can Userepparttar Rebounder?

Almost anyone can userepparttar 135834 rebounder to exercise. Even paralyzed people have been able to benefit from a rebounder withrepparttar 135835 help of a therapist. The rebounder can aid in gaining strength or improving circulation. In some workout gyms, grab bars are also available to help keep a person stable while bouncing if they are unable to balance well. Children and adults can userepparttar 135836 rebounder for exercise, especially on those rainy days!

Rebounding has been around for over 20 years, and is still a great way to get into shape. It can be done while watching your favorite video or listening to music. The rebounder can be used for family activity. You can even make up games forrepparttar 135837 kids so they won't get bored with just "plain ole' exercise!" Kids like to play games like "Simon Says" or "May I". Games like these can be incorporated into bouncing onrepparttar 135838 rebounder to help them get a great workout while having fun. There are many ways you can userepparttar 135839 rebounder to help improve your health andrepparttar 135840 health of each family member.

Easy to Store When Not In Use

The rebounder can be kept inside and slid under a bed when not being used. Its design allows it to be placed in remote areas since it is thin and short. It can easily be moved from one room to another because it is lightweight. If you're looking for a fun and effective exercise that saves time,repparttar 135841 Urban Rebounder is a great way to workout.

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