Why is any site special?

Written by Steve Nash

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http://www.everyone.net/main/html/community_tour.html Create a community

http://subportal.iboost.com/subportals.html Offer free stuff

http://www.atomz.com Add search to your site

http://contests.about.com/shopping/contests/mpboards.htm Offer a prize or competition

http://www.hi2.com Let visitors play games

http://web-source.net/write.htm Write an article (or three)


The web is literally brim-full with free website building tools that can really improve your website. Again, you are only limited by your own imagination (or creative combination of other people's imagination!). I recommend you visit all of these sites, and get thinking...

- http://www.bignosebird.com (script called birdcast) - http://cgi-resources.com/Programs_and_Scripts - http://reallybig.com - http://www.zdnet.com/developer/ - http://www.builder.com - http://www.web-source.net/web/ - http://buildit.sitesell.com/shopping101.html


Think for a while aboutrepparttar sites that *you* really like, and think why it is that you like them. And always be onrepparttar 134656 look- out for good ideas, both online and offline.


Make your site a "wow!", and get everyone talking about (and visiting) your site. Sounds simple, doesn't it! It isn't, but there are lots of tools and resources onrepparttar 134657 Internet to help you. Just add your brain... then create a buzz!

Steve Nash edits Promote! Promote! Promote! a twice-monthly newsletter. Subscribe, and learn more about promoting your business (or site) online: mailto:pppromote@getresponse.com This article appears on his latest site called How I Promote My Website - http://www.HowIPromoteMyWebsite.com/bin/ap.pl?find-out

Adding Flash 4 to your website

Written by Robert Walters

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interactivity. It even has its own programming language called "ActionScript" which is excellent for games and interaction. Flash Resources: One website which offers Flash games and puzzles for you to download for free to use on your website is: www.thepuzzlefactory.com ThePuzzleFactory.com uses Flash 4 to its fullest with interactive games and challenging puzzles. Since Flash has become a standard onrepparttar internet several companies have created programs to accompany your development. Screenweaver.com has released a program called Screenweaver which takes your Flash animations and turns them into screensavers for visitors to download from your website. Another site, www.swifftools.com has several programs to help you once your skills become more advanced. Along with several websites and newsgroups there are newsletters and books out there to help you along. The top two books out there are Flash 4 Magic and Flash Animation. Flash 4 is a selection of 24 tutorials ranging from simple to complex. Flash Animation is a nuts & bolts book for beginners and experts alike. A fully functional Flash 4 demo is available at www.macromedia.com The demo includes several flash files to look through and also has a full tutorial to guide you through your first project. The demo last for 30 days, which gives you plenty of time to learn and design your first flash animation.

Robert Walters is the head of technology at BigCityDesign.com and the creator of ThePuzzleFactory.com. When not programming Rob can be seen at Triathlons around the world at www.transitiontimes.com

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