Why is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) important?

Written by Samer Shami

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Remember: this is not a race to see how many keywords can fillrepparttar page. There is an optimum keyword density. Too dense and it is considered stuffing or spamming - you will be penalised. Too little, and you are not considered an authoritative source. Choosing to hone in on a specific set of keywords per page is also prudent. You are not trying to optimise for everybody onrepparttar 140334 Internet - only those who ask a specific question.
  • Cutting-edge optimisation: SEs use algorithms that are proprietary secrets and continually evolve over time. Categories 1 and 2 focus on making your website accessible to SEs and ensuring you have high quality content. These are well-established principles guaranteed to improve your rankings - regardless of howrepparttar 140335 SE algorithms advance.
    To give their clients an advantage, SEO practitioners can sometimes try to abuserepparttar 140336 SE algorithms. They may take advantage of loopholes or shady methods. A simple example is ‘stuffing' a page with invisible text - white text on a white background. This is invisible to humans, but SEs used to index this content. If taken one-step further by stuffingrepparttar 140337 page with unrelated (but popular) keywords, it becomes ‘spamming'. SEs are smarter today and will notice these devious tricks. Websites using them will be heavily penalised.
    Category 3 is a moving target - and hence carries risk if poorly executed. What works today is innovative, but may be heavily penalised inrepparttar 140338 future once people abuse it to skew results. You should always be wary of introducing any initiatives that fall into this category.

  • So if you decide to give your siterepparttar 140339 SEO treatment, how long before you seerepparttar 140340 results?
    Google re-indexes websites everyday ofrepparttar 140341 year. The process it follows ensures every entry in its database is re-indexed every 4-6 weeks. Google will re-index ‘news' sites much quicker - almost daily - to stay current. Other SEs use roughly similar periods between re-indexes. Therefore it can take up to 4-6 weeks for changes inrepparttar 140342 ranking to be observed.
    Willrepparttar 140343 three categories in SEO improve your ranking? Yes. Will they keep you there? No. The SE algorithms evolve over time. SEO is a form of marketing and is therefore an on going process of monitoring, obtaining feedback and tweaking. Most companies do not release a ton of advertising material with getting feedback as to how they can improve it inrepparttar 140344 future.
    Please remember that SEO is notrepparttar 140345 ultimate and final word on creating a profitable web presence. It is only one aspect of your Internet marketing strategy. A good SEO practitioner understands this. They realise that there is more torepparttar 140346 Internet than just search engines. Obtaining links from reputable websites, advertising using traditional media and ensuring your customers recommend you to their friends is just as important. If they don't reflect this in their overall strategy, consider someone else who does.

    For more information on this topic, please visit our SEO information page, where can you download an extended version of this article, including a Search Engine Optimisation Whitepaper.

    Samer Shami is the Client Advisor for Communicat Business Solutions. His role within the company is to help companies increase sales and decrease costs by improving the latent potential hidden within the Internet.

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