Why has my site disappeared from Google?

Written by Edward Clarke

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If your site is well established, been around a while and suddenly disappeared, then you'll need to check your inbound links. You do this by running a character check and entering "+www.yourdomain.com" into Google, then notingrepparttar results. This isn'trepparttar 145793 number of links Google associates with your PageRank, butrepparttar 145794 actual number of website pages that has your domain listed either by hyperlink or plain text. Write downrepparttar 145795 number of results.

Next run a link check. Enter link:www.yourdomain.com into Google and write downrepparttar 145796 results. This listsrepparttar 145797 number of sites offering value to your site that Google knows of so is very important to get as many as possible.

Analyserepparttar 145798 results

Now, analyserepparttar 145799 numbers. If you have no character check results, you must start getting inbound links to your website. Read up on my SEO article on how to start a marketing campaign.

If you have character check results but no link check results, thenrepparttar 145800 links you are getting arerepparttar 145801 wrong ones.

Downloadrepparttar 145802 Google Toolbar and monitor PR ofrepparttar 145803 pages your links appear. There are many ways of linking to websites and those that link to you must do so properly.

Rule: Your link must be a proper hyperlink and not a redirect through an ID. No JavaScript, Flash or other such links either. Proper hyperlink or nothing at all.

Another thing to note is make sure you seerepparttar 145804 location of whererepparttar 145805 link will be placed. It must have a PageRank value. Rememberrepparttar 145806 Google Toolbar. Quality and quantity equals results.

If you have character check results and link check results then basically you need more of them. Remember, quality and quantity.

OK, so you have tons of links, both character check and link check. It's not your marketing that'srepparttar 145807 problem, it'srepparttar 145808 SEO side ofrepparttar 145809 coin. Search engine optimisation consists of document structure and correct keyphrase placement.

I'll refer you back to my SEO article to get started there. Google, as do many other search engines, constantly shiftrepparttar 145810 posts as to what they deem a relevant website which is why results and positions constantly move about.

This makes things extremely difficult to keep up with but it's important to stick to certain rules to be as consistent as possible.

Google will take time to displayrepparttar 145811 changes you have made so be patient. It could well be thatrepparttar 145812 competition have simply squeezed you out which does happen, however you'll know if you've suddenly taken a hit inrepparttar 145813 listings as it can be very immediate.

Ultimately, followrepparttar 145814 steps laid out above, be methodical and be patient.

Author of Optimising Your Website, and an IT Consultant for local UK Government and various European Union initiatives, Edward Clarke specialises in website accessibility, css, web standards and search engine optimisation. Visit Edward's consultancy website and his blog for more information.

Making the Sale When the Customer Won't Buy

Written by Kara Kelso

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Simple eh? It's a win-win situation for everyone! You makerepparttar extra sale,repparttar 145758 gift-giver knows they are buying a giftrepparttar 145759 other person wants (no guess work or wandering around a mall!), andrepparttar 145760 one receivingrepparttar 145761 gift is getting exactly what they wanted but couldn't afford.

This idea works easily both online and offline. Keep several forms handy if you are offline, so you can pass them out at parties or events (Pre-made forms available withrepparttar 145762 Direct Sales Success Kit). Online you will want to set up a page with an automatic form for your guest to fill out. For an example of an online form, visit: http://www.soy-wax-candles.com/gift-registry.html

------------------------ About the Authors: Kara Kelso & Anita DeFrank are two busy wahms, and the owners of Direct Sales Helpers. For more Direct Sales Success Tips, visit: http://www.directsaleshelpers.com/newsletter.html

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