Why eBooks Are The Most Overlooked Path To Online Prosperity

Written by Jim Edwards

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One more thing: It doesn't need to take very long to write an ebook. Why? Because many "book books" are like encyclopedias in prose form - they cover everything imaginable aboutrepparttar topic.

eBooks aren't like that. They go right torepparttar 148146 meat of what people need to know to solve a problem. They have information about everything necessary to solve a problem, but no "filler" information that takes so long to write - and takes readers so long to sift through.

Here are four mistakes ebook authors make that typically reduce or prevent sales:

1. They don't write to a specific, target audience. The biggest mistake most ebook authors make is they don't clearly define, identify and visualize who they are selling their ebook to. Onrepparttar 148147 Web, to be successful, you must write to a specific group of people who have specific interests. Make sure that you know exactly who is going to buy your ebook, and where you can find them online.

2. They don't automate as many of their business activities as possible. Selling ebooks, though it is highly profitable, is not a business where you make hundreds of dollars per sale.

Automate everything you can - credit card processing, ebook delivery, as much technical support as possible.

3. They don't have a compelling title for their ebook. Use words that conveyrepparttar 148148 benefit of what's inrepparttar 148149 ebook, as well as words your audience is familiar with.

A bad title for an ebook: "Online Marketing for Newbies." A good title forrepparttar 148150 same ebook: "97 Ways to Promote Your Website - No Experience Required."

4. They try to cover too much ground. Many ebook authors convey a lot of information but don't cover anything in-depth. As a result, they never fully explain anything in enough detail to provide any useful value to their readers.

As long as you are aware of these mistakes and put in a little effort to avoid them, your chances of success are VERY high.

So, if you know a lot about something - or even if you don't - you can put together and market an ebook quickly, and make a lot of money quickly as well. The large traditional publishers may never understand or agree with this, but that's actually to your benefit. It keepsrepparttar 148151 playing field level and offers you,repparttar 148152 entr epreneurial author, unlimited opportunities for many years to come.


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To MLM or Not to MLM

Written by Rosella Aranda

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So You Want To Learnrepparttar Hard Way, Eh?

Maybe someone is twisting your arm, or Aunt Martha absolutely swears by it, or you’ve come across an ad that is just too enticing to pass up. Oh, dear.

Well, if you absolutely insist on goingrepparttar 148051 MLM route, then atrepparttar 148052 very least observerepparttar 148053 following guidelines.

• Make sure you’re dealing with a reputable company, one that is at least 5 years old and is a member ofrepparttar 148054 Better Business Bureau. Check out their history for complaints.

• What arerepparttar 148055 start-up costs? How about maintenance costs? Don’t forget that you will need to pay for advertising, which is not an insignificant expense.

• Isrepparttar 148056 product one that you can promote with pride and confidence? If you aren’t wildly enthusiastic about your product, it’s going to be a tough sell. It’s going to be a tough sell anyway, but without enthusiasm, you’re sunk.

• Does your product have global appeal? MLMs are notrepparttar 148057 place for a niche market.

• How much overhead does your product eat up? Fewer overhead costs translate into higher commission percentages. Physical products have production, packaging, storage and delivery costs. You’re better off looking at digital information which incurs none of these expenses.

• Does your company supply you with state-of-the-art marketing strategies and ongoing training and support? Using internet tools is not difficult, BUT if you have never been shown what to do, it’s horribly frustrating. And nobody likes to be made to feel like an idiot, so it’s important to find a program that trains you inrepparttar 148058 basics.

Okay, my friend, I hope this helps.

Ultimately, I hope you go out and create something unique, something that surges up from your personal wellspring. Or maybe you’ll find a product that someone else created that you’re just wild about.

And then, as Zig Ziglar once told me with a twinkle in his eye, “Go out and sell sump’n!”

Regardless of how you decide to go about earning your dough, I’ll always have a kind word and plenty of encouragement for you. That’s my specialty. So come on over and get your motivation here: http://www.Calling-All-Entrepreneurs.com/

We’ll be waiting for you…

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