Why does a car engine overheat?

Written by Jakob Jelling

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You should also checkrepparttar electric cooling fan by making sure thatrepparttar 102678 fan motor,repparttar 102679 relay and temperature are correct or otherwise it could causerepparttar 102680 engine to overheat. Besides this, you should also checkrepparttar 102681 radiator in case there are any debris in it as well as you should check its hose in case it has collapsed.

It is also recommendable that you checkrepparttar 102682 antifreeze concentration which should be 50/50 in order to be correct, otherwise it could causerepparttar 102683 car engine to overheat. If you do not find why your engine does overheat, you should ask a mechanic or an expert for advice. You should not try to fix this if you do not haverepparttar 102684 proper tools and general car knowledge necessary for it.

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Formula One Cars - Unsurpassed Technology at Its Finest

Written by Michael Walker

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Construction of Formula One race cars is unprecedented. The first rule of thumb in designing a bonafide piece of framework is to make it weigh as least as possible. Less kart weight correlates to faster speeds. For this reason, team brains use lightweight material that is hard to construct. The minimum weight of a kart must be 600 kg includingrepparttar driver. This ensures a level playing field, although teams are allowed to keep their money making construction methods a secret from other teams. Team staff is very highly regarded inrepparttar 102677 Formula One business. Their technological and dynamical know-how ofrepparttar 102678 machines they build is a valuable asset to any team. And like free agents, they are lured and signed byrepparttar 102679 likes of companies creating a recruiting war for their services. Of course, there are restrictions for creating karts. You cannot add nitro boosts to your machine or use technology that resembles life inrepparttar 102680 year 3000. Teams are always looking to bendrepparttar 102681 rules slightly and coming up ways to beatrepparttar 102682 competition legally.

Professional kart tires have to have optimum characteristics to ensure smooth driving. For one, tires have to have grooving technology built into them. Forrepparttar 102683 novices, grooves are indented lines in tires that allow for it to slow down considerably on turns and to adapt torepparttar 102684 track surface. No matter whatrepparttar 102685 technology, kart tires are simply not adept at withstandingrepparttar 102686 rigors of asphalt, concrete, and dirt. For this reason, Formula One racers are allotted two pit stops duringrepparttar 102687 course of a 57 lap race to change tires. If you’ve ever watched a Formula One race, team staffers with lightning quick hands have an extremely limited time for which to remove and replace tires inrepparttar 102688 pit stop – often times not exceeding over 7 seconds! Regulations are placed on tire grooves (a minimum of four) to allow for an even playing field for all racers. Remember enthusiasts, grooves serve more to slow downrepparttar 102689 kart than to speed it up.

Chassis construction with its illustrious carbon fiber material, tires with indented grooves, team specialists with a knack for speed, and engines which burn heat like calories isrepparttar 102690 epitome of a Formula One race car. All of these attributes contribute torepparttar 102691 performance ofrepparttar 102692 vehicle in racing lap after lap. As a result of all this technology, Formula One cars leave people breathless reaching consistent speeds of 200 mph. onrepparttar 102693 race track. More impressive isrepparttar 102694 time needed to go from 0 mph to 100 mph – 5 seconds! Formula One is only moving forward withrepparttar 102695 advent of new features - like improved horsepower engines, more lightweight materials, new ballasts to add weight torepparttar 102696 car, and more. Behind that stylish, mind blowing chassis that pique our interest is that top-class technology that makes Formula One racing so great.

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