Why do you need an IBC?

Written by Peter Flowers

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  • Lease equipment and Real Estate - Equipment and real estate can be held in an IBC name and then leased out to onshore companies with income directed offshore to any tax-free jurisdiction of your choice.
  • Borrowing and lending - Take out a loan from your offshore company and issue it to your onshore company.
  • Invest in international markets, commodities, options and bonds. - Make stock trades through your IBC brokerage account allowing you to trade in a tax-free jurisdiction and increase your profits dramatically.
  • Operate shipping companies and owning boats/ships - By registering your boat or shipping company offshore, your tax and liability will be held to a minimum in your chosen IBC jurisdiction.
  • Hold intellectual property - Protect your ideals. Hold your Intellectual property in an IBC for a reduction in reporting and regulatory compliance.
  • Sell your products or services internationally - Start selling your products internationally in a jurisdiction that allows you maximum tax saving with little to no government interference.
  • Consulting services - Establishing your consulting service offshore will increase your corporate exposure while keeping tax and operating expenses to a minimum.
  • Draw up contracts under IBC - If you are entering into a contract with a company but want to limit your liability, have your nominee director of your IBC sign on your behalf.

  • Peter Flowers is the owner of Liberty Enterprises Inc., a resource for offshore banking services. For more information about offshore banking, please visit the website http://www.confidentialbanking.com/

    Option One Mortgage Loans – Getting An Option Arm Or Option One Mortgage Loan

    Written by Carrie Reeder

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    Have an adjustable rate mortgage but want stability – This loan has a payment cap. The interest rate on this loan is based onrepparttar 12 month-MTA index,repparttar 149293 most stable index ofrepparttar 149294 4 main indexes (COFI, LIBOR, MTA & CMT). This index is always below prime. The interest rate is based onrepparttar 149295 world economic markets which have been steadily coming down overrepparttar 149296 last 3 years. This loan has a 5-year fixed payment option as well.

    Invest your payment savings in something else – This could open up opportunities for you if you could invest in real estate,repparttar 149297 stock market or another investment when you userepparttar 149298 extra $500-1000+ a month you free up from your property payment. Pay off debt with your payment savings – You can userepparttar 149299 payment savings to pay off other debt.

    Have security and options in your mortgage loan – The main benefit to this type of loan isrepparttar 149300 security of a mortgage payment that you control. You decide at any time what kind of a mortgage you want. If all goes well in your future, you haverepparttar 149301 freedom to pay your 30 year loan into a 15 year loan without even consulting another mortgage broker. Get more home for your money – You can qualify for more home with these low payment options.

    Who Can Qualify? Qualifying for this loan is basicallyrepparttar 149302 same as any other loan, it is based on credit, equity & assets, if you are strong in 1 of these or 2 of these, you could probably qualify and with lowest rate possible.

    What if I want to take out a stated income loan? “Stated Income” or “No income/assets” loans are possible with this Option One Loan.

    These are just general guidelines and information about this type of loan. You will want to discuss all of these details with your broker or lender before you actually completerepparttar 149303 loan. These factors may vary with each individual lender.

    Many lenders do not offer their customers this type of loan. If you are seeking an option one or option ARM loan, you will need to talk to your broker about it or find a broker that can do this type of loan.

    To see a list of recommended option one mortgage loan companies online, visit this page: http://www.abcloanguide.com/optiononeloans.shtml - Carrie Reeder is the owner of ABC Loan Guide, an informational website with articles and more about various types of loans.

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