Why do we hate spam so much?

Written by Linda Landry

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live withrepparttar reality of germs. Will we ever become accustomed torepparttar 132730 reality of a computer virus? We have adjusted to junk mail in our snail mail boxes and telephone solicitors dialing our number without permission, so why do we get so upset about spam? It has becomerepparttar 132731 number one topic and it is being labeled as abuse. Perhaps we should just learn to use our delete key and appreciaterepparttar 132732 availability of this free avenue of communication; before it becomes regulated.

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Top Ten Junk Email Do's and Don'ts

Written by Esu Matra

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4. DON'T buy anything from a spammer. Search and find a substitute elsewhere.

5. DO read privacy policies of every site that you give personal information to. These documents are on every responsible organization's website, andrepparttar pages tell you what they will do with your personal information.

6. DO realize that you may have okay'drepparttar 132729 spam - perhaps you provided your email address to a company that stated in its privacy policy that it will provide your information "to affiliated sites"... this means that if they affiliate with 10,000 sites, then you may get 10,000 or more 'opt-in' junk emails. More responible or ethical of companies will let you decide, or inform you of other options. However, as noted atrepparttar 132730 FTC forum and elsewhere, this creates a loophole - claimed by bulk emailers as legal - for using your address for just about any purpose. Millions of people have wanted to win contests or prizes, and given their email addresses, only in many cases to find out that they won a ride onrepparttar 132731 "Wheel of Spam Carousel"

7. DO get a disposable or extra email account to give to "suspicious" sites (even if they have a privacy policy that you like).

8. DON'T get too crazy or upset about all ofrepparttar 132732 junk - you have better uses for your energy and talents! Also, callingrepparttar 132733 spammer-provided toll-free numbers (inrepparttar 132734 U.S. at least) can reveal your telephone number - even if you blockrepparttar 132735 caller id.

9. DO be prepared to spend money, time, or both in order to achieve a slimmer email in-box. There are products and services that can help, some free, but they all take time to understand and use effectively.

10. DO stay informed - technology, laws, and tricks are evolving. Locations of online resources are provided in many places, and there are a continuing stream of articles inrepparttar 132736 news.

Copyright 2003 Esu Matra

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