Why do some hate more than others? (E)

Written by Terry Dashner

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So, where am I headed with this question—why do some men hate more than others? I believerepparttar hate of men can be countered and with favorable results if we—the body of Christ,repparttar 132181 praying, interceding church—begins to “bind”repparttar 132182 demon entities and “loose”repparttar 132183 people who are underrepparttar 132184 demonic powers. Does anyone else teach this? Yes. Dr. C. Peter Wagner, John Dawson, Frank Peretti, and many other prominent leaders of today’s church are just a few who teach on this subject.

Inrepparttar 132185 early 1990s there were a number of city-wide gospel campaigns in Latin America. Some ofrepparttar 132186 evangelists attributed their success to days spent wrestling in prayer againstrepparttar 132187 powers of darkness. Author Frank Peretti, stirredrepparttar 132188 imagination of believers with his two early books, This Present Darkness and Piercingrepparttar 132189 Darkness. Today a number of evangelical organizations, such asrepparttar 132190 Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and (Bill Bright) Campus Crusade for Christ practicerepparttar 132191 spiritual warfare techniques honed duringrepparttar 132192 1980s and 1990s. (For more information, one should visit www.gospelcom.net and read David Dunlap’s article about territorial spirits and spiritual warfare. Also, Dr. C. Peter Wagner’s web site www.globalharvestministries.org is good reading.)

In my next document I’m going to provide some pointers on how to addressrepparttar 132193 dark powers of Satan. The Bible is very clear on how Christians should stand againstrepparttar 132194 demons of hell. God has given us authority overrepparttar 132195 devil through His Son Jesus Christ. Byrepparttar 132196 power of His Spirit, we can speak out and bind uprepparttar 132197 territorial controls that work to hinderrepparttar 132198 Kingdom of God.

My dear friend, we should come together as a unified body of Jesus Christ with one aim. The aim is to render inactiverepparttar 132199 powers of darkness throughrepparttar 132200 name of Jesus andrepparttar 132201 unity and power ofrepparttar 132202 Holy Spirit. Today is a day of renewing our pledge to fightrepparttar 132203 good fight of faith. We fight this fight inrepparttar 132204 prayer closets of our local dwellings, butrepparttar 132205 impact, outcome, and victories are felt aroundrepparttar 132206 world.

Keeprepparttar 132207 faith. Stayrepparttar 132208 course, please. We need each other to help pray for one another and to combat forcefullyrepparttar 132209 spirit of hate still present among mankind.

Jesus loves me. This I do know. Pastor Tdash.

Pastors a small church in Broken Arrow, OK

Make A Difference: Boycott Wal-Mart

Written by Gary Whittaker

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Old Mom & Pop stores cannot survive anymore either. When they moved out ofrepparttar city and intorepparttar 132180 suburbs, Wal-Mart followed. Oncerepparttar 132181 population onrepparttar 132182 outskirts of a city reach a certain density, you can be sure that there will be a Wal-Mart coming soon. One may even show up quicker on sites with highway access. Wal-Mart’s own buying policy is such that small time operations cannot afford to sell to Wal-Mart and make a profit. Small companies cannot survive onrepparttar 132183 pennies Wal-Mart leaves them, nor can they compete withrepparttar 132184 chains themselves, so they close down. Since this impacts more thanrepparttar 132185 clothing industry, more people will replace their lost jobs with lower paying ones, and have to rely on stores like Wal-Mart to maintain their own moderate lifestyle.

We are not powerless against this. Alone, we can do nothing. Together, we can change that policy. Wal-Mart will continue to attract customers, that is a fact. But we can make it so that there will only be Mercedes-Benz and BMW’s inrepparttar 132186 parking lot. If we pull together, we can cut enough into Wal-Mart’s bottom line for them to make serious changes.

If you are part of a social organization, let them know what we are doing.

If you run a website, put a link to this page.

If you are simply a concerned citizen, Boycott Wal-Mart!

Sendrepparttar 132187 strongest message you can! Companies will not listen to your words, they will listen to your wallet. Only if we change our buying strategy can we get them to listen to us. You can still get great deals at other related companies. The point here is to send a message. Start withrepparttar 132188 chain that hasrepparttar 132189 most to lose, andrepparttar 132190 most amount of money to do something significant to change things. The purpose is not to destroy, but to rebuild. Once Wal-Mart changes their policies,repparttar 132191 others will follow suit or they will be next. We want to build a new type of Co-Op. A type of Co-Op that can changerepparttar 132192 world with members ofrepparttar 132193 global community. A Co-Op of average everyday people.

Send A Message: Boycott Wal-Mart

Gary Whittaker is the editor of T.E.N Magazine, a sports and social commentary webzine with balls! Check out more articles at http://www.tenwebzine.com

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