Why do some hate more than others? (D)

Written by Terry Dashner

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•I am concerned that if I carry this writing further, I will lose you because ofrepparttar killings. It’s sickening and very discouraging, especially if you think world peace is a real possibility in your lifetime. Personally, I believe there will be no true peace on a world level untilrepparttar 132186 Prince of Peace returns to Israel. When Jesus returns to earth,repparttar 132187 weapons of war will be melted down to plowshares. The Peacemaker Himself will rule over us and keeprepparttar 132188 peace on His terms. That will be perfect peace because of His perfect justice which He will employ fromrepparttar 132189 Holy City of Jerusalem.

With this document, I’ve given you a sampling ofrepparttar 132190 reasons why some nations hate other nations more than any other nation. Time doesn’t allow me to speak regarding Asians and Southeast Asians. I could tell you aboutrepparttar 132191 big dragon, China, and her ancient and modern enemies, namely Taiwan. I could speak for a long time aboutrepparttar 132192 hate India has for Pakistan. This conflict is very scary because both countries have nuclear weapons. I could speak aboutrepparttar 132193 religious and ethnic animosity in Indonesia,repparttar 132194 Balkan mess,repparttar 132195 Russian days of Stalin, Northern Ireland’s religious war, South America, Haiti, and even racism inrepparttar 132196 United States.

Nevertheless, suffice it to sayrepparttar 132197 world is alive and frustrated with hatred. But of course that’s no great revelation. I realize that. But I think I do have some revelations about why we hate and continue to haterepparttar 132198 same people over and over again. In my next document, I’m going to take you throughrepparttar 132199 Bible and point out hierarchy of principalities and certain demonic powers that have ruled and are still ruling certain nations, tribes, and territories today. I’m going to write about territorial spirits and strong men of vile violence that rule over nations and tribes today. Unless these demonic authorities are bound byrepparttar 132200 greater authority, they will continue to cause hate and destruction until Jesus returns.

Sincerepparttar 132201 decade ofrepparttar 132202 ‘90s many theologians and evangelists have been organizing 24/7 intercessory prayer strategies acrossrepparttar 132203 globe to bind these territorial spirits. Whenrepparttar 132204 strong man of a country or area is bound byrepparttar 132205 prayer of intercession throughrepparttar 132206 name of Jesus,repparttar 132207 Gospel can be disseminated with little interference. Whenrepparttar 132208 Gospel is preached freely, people come to Jesus byrepparttar 132209 masses. This isrepparttar 132210 day in which we live. This isrepparttar 132211 day just before Christ’s return to earth. Before He comes, revelation will flow like water on how to bind uprepparttar 132212 hate through bindingrepparttar 132213 hands ofrepparttar 132214 demons assigned to nations. This binding through spiritual revelation will free uprepparttar 132215 preaching ofrepparttar 132216 Gospel message which will fulfillrepparttar 132217 prophecy of Jesus inrepparttar 132218 24th chapter of Matthew. This gospel ofrepparttar 132219 Kingdom must be preached aroundrepparttar 132220 world as a witness and thenrepparttar 132221 end shall come.

Keeprepparttar 132222 faith. Stayrepparttar 132223 course. Jesus is enlisting prayer warriors now—won’t you sign up?

Pastor Tdash

Pastors a church in Broken Arrow, OK. He is a retired police officer with the city of Tulsa. He is a veteran of the United States Navy, having served during the Viet Nam era. He is a husband of 27 years and father of three grown children. He write to encourage Americans of their destiny.

International Dating – When Love Really Means Going the Distance!

Written by Angela Davis

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There are still many people who regard international dating as desperate, and deem any relationship that comes of such an enterprise to be a failure waiting to happen. Ok, so it might happen, but there are never any guarantees inrepparttar love and romance game. Even if you shared a sandbox withrepparttar 132183 partner you marry, there’s no guarantee thatrepparttar 132184 flame wont go out and one day you’ll wake up and find you have nothing in common withrepparttar 132185 person who shares your life, your home, your bed. Inrepparttar 132186 best of situations, things go wrong. Ifrepparttar 132187 relationship came from an exercise in internet dating,repparttar 132188 fallout is messier because then someone is left in a strange country with little by way of personal support system. They then facerepparttar 132189 situation of either toughing it out in their new country ifrepparttar 132190 local immigration laws permit, or they can return to their homeland and face unemployment amidstrepparttar 132191 “I told you so” looks of friends.

For every naysayer on whether international dating can turn into a permanent loving relationship, there are two people who can stand together and say “It can work. We are proof of it!”

Whether you’re looking for a long-term relationship, or just a little cultural difference, internet dating can offer yourepparttar 132192 opportunity to meet up with potential partners who may just berepparttar 132193 person you’ve spent your life seeking!

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