Why do Japanese live so long?

Written by Eric Newman

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3.Green tea Ė The beverage of tea has existed in Japan for a very long time. Japanese green tea, similar to rice and fish, is consumed every day by most Japanese. It is often consumed with most meals, given as gifts, and used inrepparttar most important of ceremonies. Green tea is high in vitamins such as C and E, high in dietary fiber, it helps lower cholesterol, and raises your metabolism. Green tea is perhapsrepparttar 147877 most convenient and least expensive way to live a longer healthier life.

So let us learn fromrepparttar 147878 Japanese. With these three secrets you to could live a longer healthier life.

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A Case for The Radish

Written by Joni Groves

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Another way to preparerepparttar red radish, is to stir fry them. Sliced radishes combine well with other vegetables and meat in stir-fries. Donít over cook them or theyíll become mushy. Cook approximately three to five minutes.

Radishes were first cultivated thousands of years ago in China, then in Egypt and Greece. In Greece they were so highly regarded that gold replicas were made. (Now thatís some serious radish lovers!)

Sorepparttar 147876 next time you walk past radishes inrepparttar 147877 grocery store or at repparttar 147878 market, back track a few steps and pick up a bunch or two.

Or better yet, plant some in your garden next year. Radishes are one ofrepparttar 147879 very first vegetables ready for harvest in repparttar 147880 spring. They will in turn, ready your soil for other veggies!

Give these little guys a chance again.

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