Why do I (you) collect?

Written by Tonie Konig

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Now that is why I collect and in my case it is animal collectibles..

Collecting is totally emotional for merepparttar value is not important, it helps me to eternalize my memories of loved one's and good times and that my friend is priceless.

Do something today to eternalize your loved ones. Attach some value to your friendships or give a gift to some one special helping them to eternalize a memory.

Collecting motivates me, it gives me something to look forward to it makes my trips so much more interesting and rewarding.

You know that real feeling of anticipation,repparttar 151153 great excitement of what will I find here, it make life interesting and a real blast to live.

Collecting can give you a new dimension of excitement in your life, don't get bored with living it is fun, YOU make it fun...............

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An Easier Way To Recover Treasure On The Beach

Written by Dean Novosat

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Now when you are working inrepparttar wet sand, and you find a target, pinpoint it. Centerrepparttar 151119 bucket overrepparttar 151120 target and using both hands, wigglerepparttar 151121 bucket down intorepparttar 151122 wet sand. You have now stabilizedrepparttar 151123 sides ofrepparttar 151124 hole you are about to dig. Using your scoop, removerepparttar 151125 sand from insiderepparttar 151126 bucket, and recover your target. The bucket holdsrepparttar 151127 sides ofrepparttar 151128 hole so it doesn't collapse in.

I hope you find this technique useful and that you recover more treasure because of it. As I know it has increasedrepparttar 151129 number of targets that I have been able to recover greatly

Dean Novosat is an avid treasure hunting and can often be found metal detecting the beaches of the mid-Atlantic United States. He is the webmaster of http://www.treasure-metal-detecting.com and http://www.metal-detector-info.com.

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