Why are Reverse Mergers Often the Victims of Short Sellers?

Written by Joseph Quinones

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(2). The shareholder base: In order for a company be listed onrepparttar NASDAQ Small-Cap market orrepparttar 150126 OTC Bulletin Board it must have a specified number of shareholders to qualify for listing.

(2A). Improper due diligence: Prior to purchasing a shellrepparttar 150127 private company along withrepparttar 150128 consultant that they retain to assist them inrepparttar 150129 Reverse merger should do a complete review ofrepparttar 150130 shareholder list. some of those shareholder may have excessive number of shares andrepparttar 150131 true beneficial owner may berepparttar 150132 shell owner orrepparttar 150133 consultant himself, there are a lot of smooth talking wolves posing as consultant who are operating in conjunction withrepparttar 150134 shell owner.

Solution: First runrepparttar 150135 consultantís named and his previous employer through google and see if he has been convicted of any securities related crimes and has been barred from participating in any stock related transactions. Second writerepparttar 150136 regulator and request that consultants be required to have a website with their name on it, most of this unscrupulous character operate in a stealth manner so that regulators canít detect their activities.

Petitionrepparttar 150137 Securities and Exchange commission requesting a reduction inrepparttar 150138 number of shareholders require for listing, and if a shell has too many shares outstanding donít buy it!

(3), Market Makers: Market makers in OTC Bulletin Board Securities are permitted to maintain a short position in securities that they are acting as market makers, but what some trader do is they register for a stock and go out sell stock onrepparttar 150139 bid (the price other market makers are willing to pay) and immediately cease to make a market inrepparttar 150140 stock and keeprepparttar 150141 short position.

Technically when a trader does this, he is circumventingrepparttar 150142 intent ofrepparttar 150143 rule which allows market makers to short a stock in his role as a market maker.

Solution: Require traders to remain acting as market makers until they purchaserepparttar 150144 stock back, also regulators must make clearing agent to enforcerepparttar 150145 rules concerningrepparttar 150146 delivery ofrepparttar 150147 securities on settlement or execute a buy in (buyrepparttar 150148 stock back and chargerepparttar 150149 seller) ifrepparttar 150150 seller fails to deliverrepparttar 150151 stock withinrepparttar 150152 prescribed period of time.

I believe that these reforms will go a long way in alteringrepparttar 150153 climate for participant in Reverse merger, and in removingrepparttar 150154 vulturesrepparttar 150155 prey on unsophisticated business owner fromrepparttar 150156 market place.

But untilrepparttar 150157 regulators actrepparttar 150158 responsibility is onrepparttar 150159 business owner to performrepparttar 150160 proper research, if I sound like a crusader maybe that is becauserepparttar 150161 industry has been good to me and I hate to seerepparttar 150162 vultures taking it over.

If you are thinking about doing a reverse merger and have questions contact us at: www.genesiscorporateadvisors.com

Email: josephquinones@genesiscorporateadvisors.com

Joseph D. Quinones, President of Genesis Corporate Advisors has spent over 25 years in the securities industry. In 1992 he founded JDQ Financial Group, Inc. and proceeded to build it up from a one man operation to the point where it employed many traders, advised numerous client and generate millions in revenues.

Awesome Customer Service Requires a Three Pronged Attack

Written by John Stanley

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This is based onrepparttar sales person selling themselves prior to selling a product, service or business brand.

Most of your mature team should fit into this bracket, but they will require on-going training sessions on selling, product knowledge and consumer care trends.

Super Customer Service

Super customer service is provided by your top performers. Super customer service occurs when customers perceive they are receiving service that is above and beyond what they are expecting. The customers receive acts of spontaneous kindness that delight them. As a result, they become advocates for your business, promoting your business by telling others about your awesome service.

The formula for success is: Expectation + 1

The bad news is that you cannot put this type of service standard into your company policy, if you do, it wonít be spontaneous. What you must do is ensure that team members are empowered to provide super customer service and are recognized by management when they do.

A recent example I came across of Super Customer Service was at an international airport. A family of travelers had flown with British Airways on a long haul flight and had passed through customs with a large amount of luggage. They were struggling to a rental car when they were stopped by two British Airways flight attendants inrepparttar 150125 parking area. The employees dropped everything and grabbedrepparttar 150126 familyís luggage and helped them to their rental car. Now thatís Super Service, it was spontaneous - even afterrepparttar 150127 sales package had been completed byrepparttar 150128 airline.

Introducing Awesome Customer Service into Your Business

You have recognized that not everyone is going to be awesome and that a business is judged onrepparttar 150129 performance level of its lowest performer.

You need to accept that in a successful team you will have team members who will be at different skill levels when it comes to providing service.

Some team members will need a precise training programme to provide them with a script. It may appear synthetic, but given time, and training, they will move to level two.

More mature and culturally aware team members will, given product knowledge, and skills training, will be able to provide genuine customer service using open conversations.

Finally, for those top flyers, have an empowerment policy that allows them to create a raving fans policy for your business.

There are a few businesses that only need to concentrate on one level. Successful businesses understand that they need a three tier system to grow awesome salespeople who will, in turn, grow their business by creating customer advocates forrepparttar 150130 business.

John Stanley is a conference speaker and retail consultant with over 20 years experience in 15 countries. John works with retailers around the world assisting them with their merchandising, staff and management training, customer flow, customer service and image. Visit www.johnstanley.cc or email us on newsletter@johnstanley.cc.

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