Why add "fillers" to mineral make-up?

Written by Aleta Wells

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You can get a lovely glow that accents YOU. It doesn't just become a mask. These mineral pigments are already in your favorite liquid or powder foundation, just diluted with many un-necessary and many times harmful, additives. These serve no real purpose, other than to increase profits. Because pure mineral powder is not diluted, a little goes a long way. You need much less foundation than usual. The pure mineral powder make-up's need no such additives, they do a wonderful job of covering blemishes and imperfections, while allowing you to "glow-through". Mineral powder cosmetics are fast replacingrepparttar out-dated make-up of yester-year. Belle Saison's mineral powder make-up line, at www.4skinbeauty.com has proven free from harmful food-grade additives and lipids. Belle Saison's make-up contains no talc (a known carcinogen), bismuth oxychloride (an irritant), oils, vitamins, rice powder or corn starch. Checkrepparttar 143784 ingredients on your mineral powder, today. Say "NO" to fillers!

Aleta has been in the health an beauty fields for 25 years.

A Simple Method for Choosing the Perfect Name for Your New Baby

Written by Criss White

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1) The most obvious way to select a name is to just have both parents talk about it until they reach a decision. Most parents can come to agreements this way, although others may be more fixated on their own name choices. If selecting a baby name becomes difficult, tryrepparttar methods below.

2) The father picks a boy name andrepparttar 143716 mother picks a girl name beforerepparttar 143717 gender ofrepparttar 143718 child is known (or vice versa). If either parent does not like a name, they can vetorepparttar 143719 name. For example, ifrepparttar 143720 father picks "John" forrepparttar 143721 boy's name andrepparttar 143722 mother does not like it, she can veto. The father then has to pick another name. This process continues until both parents pick names that are mutually acceptable. This method works best for parents that are not too picky about names. Otherwise,repparttar 143723 process could last a long time.

3) If you want to involve friends and family, what you will need to do is make a list of names. Chooserepparttar 143724 names that you are most passionate about and makerepparttar 143725 list as concise as possible. Have friends and family raterepparttar 143726 names on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being best (or rank them from favorite to least favorite). The parents can easily print out these surveys on paper or sendrepparttar 143727 by email. Total uprepparttar 143728 scores and see what people around you think.

The reach a decision, parents must agree on a process and then follow it. In summary, following these simple steps can takerepparttar 143729 stress and difficulty out of selecting a baby's name.

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