Why a Self Help Book May Not Help You

Written by Wendy Owen

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So we still haven't dropped a dress size or made our first million. Our businesses are still stumbling along andrepparttar only thing that's growing is our overdraft (not to mention our waistline)

So what'srepparttar 145099 answer? Are we condemned to a life of mediocrity? Do we have to give up on our dreams?

The answer is accountability. We have to be accountable. (No I'm not talking aboutrepparttar 145100 tax office) To ourselves! To our futures! It's easy to go out and buy a book, a little harder to actually read it. Phew! We then sit back hoping that this time we've foundrepparttar 145101 answer, this time we'll see it through. This time we're actually going to make it work!

The only way to make your life work is to take action. Start that business, buy that investment property, stick to that healthy eating plan!

Of course do your homework first, make sure your decisions are viable. You don’t have to take uncalculated risks. But don't get stuck in "analysis paralysis"! Procrastination can sometimes be our worst enemy.

After all if you don't try you will never succeed and that may berepparttar 145102 greatest risk of all.

“The best years of your life arerepparttar 145103 ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You do not blame them on your mother,repparttar 145104 ecology, orrepparttar 145105 president. You realize that you control your own destiny.” ~ Albert Ellis

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Motivation and goal settings –The to do list.

Written by Lynne Dean

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Always prioritize.

To finalized my "To do list", I like to enumeraterepparttar task in priorities or by rationality. If I am going out I might as well do everything on my list that requires driving. And you guessed,repparttar 145042 priority in this case, would be to archive my filing cabinet (this in any case would have to be done in order for this "To do list" to be successful). And if byrepparttar 145043 end ofrepparttar 145044 day, you did not cross out everything on your list, don’t beat yourself up! You might have wanted to do too many things in one day - Be flexible, adjust accordingly. Write it down forrepparttar 145045 following day until it’s crossed out.

This useful technique will motivate you to stay focused on your goal. You will also feel like you have achieved a part of your goal, you will be thrilled and proud. Trust me.

Do you need a little motivation? Inspiration? A motivational quote will not only boost your energy but can also help you stay focused on your goals. Motivational quotes also haverepparttar 145046 power to rewrite negative thoughts. Motivational quote, tips, articles, recommendations, newsletter and more! Visit us at Motivational Central © - All Rights reserved

Lynne Dean created Motivational central, an online information service for seekers of general self improvement, in Januray 2005.

Being a simple government part time worker and mother to a lovely son, she welcome the challenged to communicate and built a web site where positive vibes and motivation tips would be share to the world. A hobby it is, but what a fun and interesting thing to do!

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