Why Your Business Needs a Website

Written by Sherry Holub

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In order to compete in a local to a global market, you have to be available to it. Having a professionally designed website gives your business an edge, saves time, reduces operating costs and improves your image. You can increase your sales by being able to complete transactions online, anytime. Whether you are a large corporation, or an individual who simply wants to have a personal space onrepparttar internet, your site can serve as an informational tool you can refer your customers or interested parties to.

Sherry Holub received her degree in design from UCLA in 1995. She is now the Lead Designer and Creative Director at Southern California Studio, JV Media Design. http://www.jvmediadesign.com


Written by Jinky C. Mesias

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And of course, following web standards should not be forgotten since it can help your site to be search engine friendly, reduce bandwidth, etc... In addition, it is very important to focus onrepparttar usability of your web site. The usability of your web site will put everything in perspective.

Likewise it is imperative to create designs that won’t get in your way to make that sale. There are certain designs that get inrepparttar 145912 way of visitors and keep them from purchasing from you. These designs serves are presentations ofrepparttar 145913 product and services you offer. However, some ofrepparttar 145914 designing techniques used can really get inrepparttar 145915 way of customers take for example splash pages, FlashSplash pages, animations, and thenrepparttar 145916 lack of focal point onrepparttar 145917 page, too much text, too many pictures and many more. These designs instead of helping simply destructs your visitors from doing what they are suppose to be doing in your site and that is to purchase-its like holding back your visitors from signingrepparttar 145918 contract just because you are not yet through with your presentation. Limitrepparttar 145919 use of designing techniques and if possible keep your designs simple and direct. And another thing, refrain from using confusing links and if possible use simple words to instruct visitors on what to click next, in other word KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID.

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Jinky C. Mesias is a lover of simple things and of nature. She spends most of her time reading and writing poetry.

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