Why You Shouldn’t Give Away Free eBooks

Written by Ron Douglas

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A brandable ebook allows you to add or “brand” your affiliate link intorepparttar ebook. Thus, if someone buys your competitor’s product because ofrepparttar 134267 free ebook you gave away, at least you make money from affiliate commissions.

If you’re a marketer, it’s in your best interest to make all of your free ebooks brandable. This way you give your affiliates a powerful incentive to distribute your ebook torepparttar 134268 masses.

Brandable ebooks are one ofrepparttar 134269 easiest and most powerful Viral Marketing strategies available. Not only does it give peoplerepparttar 134270 money-motivated incentive to spread (distribute) your ebook aroundrepparttar 134271 Internet like a virus, it is also a great way to attract new affiliates.

Brandable ebooks create a win-win situation for marketers, publishers, and readers alike. The problem is, where do you find brandable ebooks? And as a marketer, how do you make your free ebook brandable and spreadrepparttar 134272 word about it torepparttar 134273 Internet marketing community? Luckily, there is now a site that fulfill these demands -


Andrepparttar 134274 best part is - these services for marketers and publishers are free. Experiencerepparttar 134275 power of viral marketing.


Ron Douglas is the founder of Brandable-eBooks.com - the Internet's first open directory of brandable information products - as well as several other sites. You can learn more about him at www.RonDouglas.com.

Lead Generation Using Traffic Exchanges

Written by Jimmy Boyd

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You will also need an autoresponder service to handle your leads. I highly recommend SendFree for this purpose. They have a free 30-day trial on their Premium Service, which is nice because you will need a little time to start getting leads for your list.

Now, go and find some traffic exchanges and promote that lead generation page in those exchanges.

This works. It absolutely works like a charm. We get lots of subscribers using this page with exchanges. However, it's a bit tiring to userepparttar exchanges EXCEPT MillionDollarTraffic. Thisrepparttar 134266 best exchange we have used becauserepparttar 134267 pages simply pop up for you.

Here is an Action Plan you can use to help you get started getting your own leads from MDT.


Each time you closerepparttar 134268 special browser, you get credits to show your page. The conversion rate on this kind of exchange, which I believe isrepparttar 134269 first of its kind atrepparttar 134270 time of this writing, is much better than timer-based exchanges.

Jimmy Boyd teaches you how to get leads for your business using free viral techniques. Learn more about getting your own leads with our free membership site.


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