Why You Should Market Your Website Offline

Written by David Coyne

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Inrepparttar body copy, I follow up with a quick explanation of info marketing and then listrepparttar 124449 great benefits that it offers. And then I list my web site address where they can get more info.

Remember, that a postcard is similar to a classified ad in that you can’t use it to directly sell your product. There simply isn’t enough room on a postcard to do a complete sales pitch.

You use it asrepparttar 124450 first step in a two-step selling process. The postcard is only for generating sales inquiries.

You then follow up by directingrepparttar 124451 prospect to your website where they can findrepparttar 124452 full details and benefits of your product.

Or you can askrepparttar 124453 prospect to send you an email and then reply with your sales letter.

Once you’ve captured their email address, you can follow up multiple times.

You can format your postcard in a word processing program. I use Microsoft Word and its Envelopes and Labels command to setrepparttar 124454 file up to print correctly.

Here’s a tip that Ron LeGrand, author ofrepparttar 124455 Information Marketing Boot Camp, passed on to me.

Go to your local post office and buy their pre-stamped postcards. You just runrepparttar 124456 sheets through your printer, separate, attachrepparttar 124457 address labels and mail!

And, best of all, you’ll only spend a handful of change per postcard.

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21st century Birbals

Written by Varuna Sood

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Today Akbar is replaced byrepparttar 21st century generation, with questions and problems even more curious to get answered. But there is no Birbal. So we Ebirbals have developed a team of hard working people who thru their expertise and efforts are equipped enough to solve your problems and questions.

Varuna Sood BE Computers.

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