Why You Should Do Business on the Internet

Written by David Johnson

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Make a strong first impression. A Web site makes small businesses appear much larger than they are. The way your Web site handlesrepparttar technology ofrepparttar 109069 Internet ó serving up Web pages, taking orders ó can make visitors feel they are dealing with a large, established business. Check out WorldSpy (http://www.worldspy.com/). This companyís Web site gives customersrepparttar 109070 impression itís a large shopping mart, when in reality itís staffed by a handful of employees.

Reduce your marketing costs. Putting up your Web site makes your marketing information available to millions. You can saverepparttar 109071 cost of printing and mass mailing a brochure by publishing your Web site address on your letterhead and business cards.

The Web is a huge opportunity to launch or expand your business at a fraction ofrepparttar 109072 cost ofrepparttar 109073 offline world. If youíre considering a business or looking to expand, masteringrepparttar 109074 Web should be a top marketing priority.

David Johnson is the founder, president and director of workz.com. He is a lifelong entrepreneur, small-business expert, and Internet pioneer. Frustrated by the lack of small-business resources available to help him launch and promote his own Web site he decided to create a trusted resource of objective how-to information to help other small businesses.

New Type of e-Comerce Search Engine on the Block

Written by John Jones

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This is a tool for e-commerce. It is not intended to replace existing search engines or email permissive marketing techniques, it solves a problem these facilities are not very good at. It enables users to declare their intentions and enough about themselves so they are self- qualified atrepparttar moment they make a search - and it enables you to reach them at just this key moment. Isn't this what you want to do?

Forrepparttar 109068 user, they remain completely anonymous, they are simply looking forrepparttar 109069 virtual people who are just like themselves. We don't need to know their name, address or anything at all that can be used to identify them personally. The vexed privacy issue in target marketing is nicely sidestepped. There is no data collection or tracking involved. We know everyone but no one!

So take a new look at your web site. If you know who your customers are you now can think more about what you want to tell them - individually - in depth, they want to know. If, however, you don't know who your customers are then you have a perfect way of finding out. Your page stats will reflectrepparttar 109070 distribution of people visiting, helping you to focus on repeat sales and lifetime custom. The possibilities are enormous andrepparttar 109071 costs are trivial. I will be looking closer at both of these in follow up articles.

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