Why You Should Be an Affiliate of Several Products

Written by Dennis Eppestine

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As you can see fromrepparttar above examples, it just makes good sense to promote more than one product.

Now, how to manage them? Belonging to several affiliate programs can get confusing. It's easy to forgetrepparttar 102526 URL or repparttar 102527 username and password. Here's what to do:

1) Write down every affiliate program you belong to. The list is probably longer than you think!

2) Open up Word (or whatever word processor you like) and start listing each complete URL to EVERY affiliate program. Then, beside each one, enter your username and password.

3) PRINT THE LIST! If you join a new one, enter allrepparttar 102528 information, and print a NEW list. If you're computer has troubles, you won't believe how glad you'll be that you printed this document!

Think you won't forget a detail? You will. Maybe not at first, but before you know it, you'll belong to several affiliate programs, and you'll forget a username or password. Then you'll have to frantically search through hundreds of old emails, crossing your fingers that you didn't delete it.

So join as many affiliate programs as you need, just keep track ofrepparttar 102529 details.

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How To Get Your Affiliate Sales Rolling!

Written by Joshua Rose

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***Publish a newsletter with more ofrepparttar same. And let me get a sense of who you are as a person. I like what I see. Now I'll think more seriously about your endorsements.

***Write a Free E-book that's going to help me. It can be in your own words or a compilation ofrepparttar 102525 work of others. Help me and you'll gain my respect ... and my ear.

***Submit articles to ezines. The more I see your name,repparttar 102526 more credibility I'll associate with you. I'll sign-up for your newsletter to learn what else you have to say.

***Show me that you've usedrepparttar 102527 products you're suggesting. How, exactly did you benefit? What wererepparttar 102528 results? Is there any downside at all? (You see? Now you've got me paying attention and asking for more information).

Getrepparttar 102529 idea? Affiliate sales are all about building relationships, not promoting products. You can promote until you're green inrepparttar 102530 face, but if you haven't developed a personal relationship with your prospects, and earned their respect and trust, it's unlikely you'll ever get more than a handful of sales.

And remember this, Affiliate success does not come overnight. Like anything worthwhile, it takes effort and commitment.

The good news is that once you establish who you are and winrepparttar 102531 respect of your leads, it does indeed become easier. After successfully crossingrepparttar 102532 trust and credibility threshold, it's not difficult to transfer this influence to additional top-notch products and opportunities.

Joshua Rose is the Editor of The Internet Profit Wizards Newsletter, where he writes about the three most important skills needed to attain internet success. To subscribe, visit: http://www.internetprofitwizards.com.

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