Why You Should Be Writing Articles

Written by Ken Hill

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This isrepparttar trade off you have withrepparttar 100978 ezine publisher, and if you write a good article you will find that many ezine publishers will be glad to publish you in their ezines.

This can translate into thousands and thousands of subscribers finding out about your business, and visiting your site.

Not only that, but many ezine publishers also keep an archive of their past issues on their site so that they can provide their visitors with samples ofrepparttar 100979 quality content found in their ezines.

Once your article is published in an ezine, your article could literally be listed for years in one of these archives providing even more free advertising for your business.

And because many search engines use link popularity as a guide to ranking your site, getting your article listed in these archives can substantially boost your site's search engine ranking as well.

How can you start writing articles for publication in ezines?

The main thing for you to concentrate on when writing an article for publication in an ezine is providing your readers with valuable information.

Choose subjects that you know about and write about them with a sincere desire to help your readers learn something new or learn how to do something better.

What you write about depends on what you know, but if you've been marketing your business online for awhile, it's very probable that you can think of a number of topics that you could write about and transform into high quality articles.

Share your knowledge freely, and you will find that you are able not only to provide ezine publishers with quality content for their subscribers, but also to substantially increase your profits withrepparttar 100980 unlimited free ezine advertising you can get from writing articles.

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Written by Michelle Yox

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