Why You Need More Than One Affiliate Program

Written by Gary McLeod

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everyday! Because your website appeals to a certain audience, many affiliate programs do not appeal to your visitors. For example, if you sell baby clothes, why inrepparttar world would you try to market heavy equipment? It would be counter productive to place an affiliate program that does not meetrepparttar 102633 above criteria. In other words, only put links on your sites that lead to your other sites or personal interests. Make sure you are using them, not that they are using you. ie Banner Exchanges. Some examples are: My Free Link Page, Greenspun link directories, i/us Site Directories, Special Report Network, free web pages, free banner services, free income programs. However, do not overburden yourself with to many affiliate programs. Remember thatrepparttar 102634 more programs you haverepparttar 102635 more divided your time will be to promote/market your affiliate links. This is especially true for part timers.

By integrating new programs within your main program, you will be able to attract new contacts. Thus, creating a larger downline with each new program. New programs can also generate more traffic to your website by providing links to your website. One could say that a new affiliate program may become so popular that it could become enormous, and create an online residual income that will provide for you and your family for years to come. With a more diversified business plan you can rocket your businesses and teams into an accelerated Cyber Machine.

Gary McLeod is the webmaster at mack49.com, a website that specializes in internet marketing and promotion which get results. They also provide downloadable ebooks for your marketing strategies. Mack49 can be reached at: http://www.mack49.com/ or 372 352-3489

DesignSmarts: The Real Scoop on Site Design and Effective Affiliate Links

Written by Josh Tesolin

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2. Don't over do it! Limit your affiliate links in respect to your main content (ie. If your affiliate links take up more room then your main content, you have way too many).

Why? At Worldprofit, when we designrepparttar Ultimate Home Business Package we only recommend three affiliate links inrepparttar 102632 home page design. The reason for this is because:

a) We don't wantrepparttar 102633 surfers to become confused b) We don't wantrepparttar 102634 site to become cluttered c) We wantrepparttar 102635 surfer's to trust your site d) We don't wantrepparttar 102636 site to be too long When a page is too long (and looking crowded)repparttar 102637 surfer usually won't read it all and many miss out onrepparttar 102638 important info intended for them to read.

So what do you do if you have fantastic affiliate links that are relevant to your site, but you just have way too many? I have a couple easy solutions:

1. Create additional pages just for your affiliate links. 2. If you have a Worldprofit Malls plugin (included inrepparttar 102639 Ultimate Home Biz Pkg, http://www.worldprofit.com/uhbp/) you could place affiliate links in there by category! This is a great solution because you can fill your malls up with some great info & divide it all up by specific category! You could set up unlimited links!

End Result: You have all ofrepparttar 102640 affiliate links you want, your site is neat & organized, you have raisedrepparttar 102641 value of your Malls plugin because it is getting much more traffic and you get more streams of income!

If you would like some affiliate programs to join, you can visit a site called linkshare.com that has affiliate links organized in specific categories. Also check out, http://www.trafficcenter.com/main/ap.htm

Josh Tesolin, is a member of the Worldprofit Design Team. Let our expert design marketers work for you! Contact mailto:customerservice@worldprofit.com. Take our free online course at: http://www.worldprofit.com/autoresponse

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