Why You NEED to Establish Your OWN List of Contacts

Written by Joe Bingham

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Attract Offers From Others

As you build your subscriber base, and particularly if you list your ezine inrepparttar ezine directories, you will begin to receive offers from others wanting to promote to your list.

Often, you will be offered commissions on sales, or free products or services in exchange for promotingrepparttar 101181 business or product ofrepparttar 101182 person makingrepparttar 101183 offer. This can be a good thing. However, in order to maintain a good reputation for yourself, you must be critical in what you decide to promote. If you promote everything that comes along, your subscribers will recognize this habit and tend to not care or even distrust your recommendations. If you studyrepparttar 101184 offers and only promoterepparttar 101185 ones that can be beneficial to your readers, you will receive better responses. It's a matter of building a good reputation.

If you recommend good, you'll get good.

Offer Advertising as an Exchange

You can then make offers to others as well using your list as a bargaining tool. Place a value on your advertising, and then use that value in trade with others for things you want or need. Be fair, give good deals, and you can build powerful relationships with others that can become beneficial to you both now and inrepparttar 101186 future.

Create Good Business Relationships

Use your list to build good business relationships, particularly inrepparttar 101187 beginning. To start with, while your list is small, you won't really sell ads anyway, so give them out freely. Most everyone will accept a free ad even if they knowrepparttar 101188 list is small, and they will remember that you did it for them. This will put others in a good frame of mind toward you forrepparttar 101189 future, when you may need a favor or help with something.


It is possible to 'rent' your subscribers out to other advertisers. I DO NOT recommend this. This has to potential to make people mad and possibly hit you with spam charges.

Your subscribers have signed up to receive YOUR ezine, not others ads. If others want to promote to your list, make them buy an ad or make you an offer to promote for them through your ezine. Don't just hand over your HARD EARNED list!

Developing your own list has clear advantages over merely promoting to lists established by others. Not to mention thatrepparttar 101190 sending of email to subscribers is free whereas effective advertising on other's lists most often is not.

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How To Build A Solid Income With Classified Ads!

Written by John Colanzi

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3. Set up an autoresponder account to handle inquiries.

4. Prepare a sales letter for your autoresponder. If you need help writing a sales letter readrepparttar Free online book "Magic Letters." http:/ hewarriorgroup.com/cgi-bin/index.cgi?830xxme

5. Start out with Free Ezine Ads.

6. Once you start making a profit fromrepparttar 101180 free ads, begin using paid advertising. You should set aside 50% of all profits for use in pyramiding your ads. If you can afford it, you should plow back 100% profits forrepparttar 101181 first 6 months.

If you do this on a consistent basis, your business will expand beyond you're wildest dreams.

Don't take this report lightly. It's simple to follow and it will work.

Wishing You Success

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