Why You Hate to Sell

Written by edward thorpe

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*Your Two Steps to Becoming a Sales SuperStar*

1) Take YOU out ofrepparttar selling process.

Ask questions and let THEM tell you why they need your product/service. In other words. Qualify, qualify. Then re-qualify. If your suspect does not qualify, great, they're not a prospect.

Wonderful. Move on torepparttar 117842 next suspect. Teach yourself to ask questions that will make your suspect qualify themselves quickly. Sort - Don't Sell. Sort - Don't sell.

IF you'll let them, they'll sell themselves. Of course it's easier for you to talk, talk, talk.

If everyone says you're a good salesperson because you're such a good talker...Baby you're in Big Trouble.

2) Fall in Love. Yeah, I'm serious as a letter bomb. Fall in love with -- YOURSELF!

You will never receive all that *you deserve* until you fall in love with - YOU. But be prepared. You have years of brainwashing to trash out. But you can do it. If I can, anyone on God's sweet planet can too.

If you're a subscriber to my Free Newsletter *The Home Grown Biz Advocate* You get a free book that will teach you a simple method -- to fall in Love with Yourself.

Note that I didn't say easy. I said simple. And I'm available for a little coaching. If that's what it takes.

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Web Development Employment & Projects - where and how to find them

Written by Michael Bloch

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If you are interested in learning more of how our services can benefit your business, please contact me at your convenience. My rates are extremely reasonable and we pride ourselves on excellent client support, both during and after contract. Utilising our services, business> will discover that "going online" can be a hassle free and profitable experience.


The idea is to keeprepparttar 117841 letter short and sweet - business people traditionally do not have a lot of spare time on their hands. Make sure that you pitchrepparttar 117842 letter in accordance with cultural guidelines. A letter format such asrepparttar 117843 above may meet with success in one country, but not in another.

If possible, sendrepparttar 117844 letter on your business letterhead and better still, attached a business card. People tend to throw away letters after reading them, but not business cards.

Many business people are only just starting to realiserepparttar 117845 power ofrepparttar 117846 Internet and eCommerce. But whenrepparttar 117847 time comes for them to go online or to update their web sites, your name may berepparttar 117848 first that comes to their minds - especially if you follow up your original contact periodically, to keep your business and internet development skills fresh in their minds.

As mentioned earlier, sites such as ours are affiliated with project databases, where freelancers and design companies can compete for development work in a global arena.

A low price won't necessarily gain yourepparttar 117849 job; customer support and "going that extra mile" is also of paramount importance when clients review bids to decide who to awardrepparttar 117850 project to. Remember, it's a risk for them to take on a stranger and you need to be able to convince a prospective client that you are skilled, credible and reliable. If you are a small design company or a one man show, a service such as this can be of great value as many clients prefer this type of business relationship.

As you undertake more projects under this service, you are rated on performance which is available for all to see. Many small design companies are not only using these services, but it's creating so much work for them that they are employing others to meetrepparttar 117851 demand. Millions of dollars worth of tenders are currently available through services such as this, covering various sections:

- Full web site design implemenation and maintenance - Web site makeovers - Technical writing and ebook creation - HTML, XML, XHTML, XSL, PHP, Perl, ASP, - Logo and Banner design - Software Applications programming - Database (Access, Oracle and SQL) creation and implementation - Ecommerce applications such as shopping carts - Advertising and advertising tracking

To view a database of these projects; follow this link


Even if you don't find yourself in a position to benefit from this type of service, it's worthwhile visiting on a regular basis to gain some ideas on pricing, sales pitches and services offered by other successful web development companies and freelancers.

If you would like some information regarding developing web development proposals:


Looking to create and own your own sites?:

Niche Marketing:


A comprehensive library of other web development subjects can be found here:


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