Why You Don't Get Things Done - And How You Can!

Written by Martin Avis

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"Can you think of 28 different subject headings?" I asked him.

"Sure, that's easy ... different design styles,repparttar history of design, materials developments, what has sold and what hasn't ... gosh, there are at least ten famous designers that I can think of offrepparttar 101942 top of my head who should be included ... that's part ofrepparttar 101943 problem - it is way too complicated!"

"Here is what you do," I answered. "Spend an hour right now writing down every topic you might want to cover. Don't leave anything out. It doesn't matter if you reach hundreds. Then, when you've got them all down, group them together so that they come underrepparttar 101944 headings 'who', 'what', 'why', 'where' and 'when'. Your goal is to end up with not one huge, daunting project, but 28 tiny, easy ones. Then, when you have done that, get out your diary and put one mini project against each day forrepparttar 101945 next 28 days. Work it out - each mini project will need about 4 pages work from you. Can you manage 4 pages?"

"Sure, 4 pages is easy."

And that was what he did. I called him once a week forrepparttar 101946 next 4 weeks to check his progress, but he didn't really need much help. Justrepparttar 101947 knowledge that I was going to call on Saturday morning kept him on track.

His 100 page project ended up at 130 pages inrepparttar 101948 end. And not a single page of it was waffle. He handed it on time and received an 'A' for his efforts.

All that goes to show thatrepparttar 101949 solution is inside you allrepparttar 101950 time, but sometimes it just need a little help fighting pastrepparttar 101951 panic that pushes it back inside.

A big task isrepparttar 101952 ultimate in panic inducers. So don't do big tasks ... do lots of small ones. You will spend a lot less time fretting and a lot more time being constructive. And you'll have more time to relax.

The wise old bird, Seneca spokerepparttar 101953 truth when he said, "While we are postponing, life speeds by."

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In a Row or Becoming a Wall?

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

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Another bird group that forms a V when in flight are Swans. A very famous bird,repparttar Swan is whatrepparttar 101941 Ugly Duckling transformed into as he grew up. Swans are amongrepparttar 101942 largest birds commonly seen andrepparttar 101943 7 species occur on most continents (not in Africa or Antarctica.) The Swan also can take on an almost human characteristic of staying committed to a vision. They mate for life and carry their little ones on their back. It seems fitting that they would cooperatively fly inrepparttar 101944 V formation. Somehow I doubt they are concerned with getting in a row and making walls between them and their Swan families. Which leads us back to where we started. Are you taking your row of ducks and creating walls or are you taking your row of ducks and making a V formation? Are you paying attention to when you get tired, so you step back intorepparttar 101945 stream of another lead or do you push yourself torepparttar 101946 point of exhaustion and put your vision back onrepparttar 101947 shelf because it "did not work"? Passion Activator: What can you learn from usingrepparttar 101948 V formation? In what way can you apply it to your current business or life situation? If there is no immediate answer, ask yourselfrepparttar 101949 questions above and let them float around (in a V formation, naturally) through your subconscious mind. When you least expect it,repparttar 101950 idea will gracefully land and wait for you to takerepparttar 101951 position, for a while, of repparttar 101952 lead duck.

Julie Jordan Scott is a Success Coach, Writer, Speaker, Radio Host and Mom Extraordinaire who inspires people worldwide to live more passionate lives through her personal and group coaching, teleclasses, seminars and free ezines.Subscribe to DailyPassionActivator now via email: mailto:DailyPassionActivator-subscribe@Yahoogroups.com or via web http://www.5passions.com/subpage.html

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