Why You Can't Afford To Be An Employee in America

Written by Sopan Greene, M.A., www.AngryEnoughToChange.com

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Are you ready forrepparttar good news in all of this? As we've all been reminded recently, life is short and we are fortunate to haverepparttar 117162 freedoms and resources we do in this country. Don't be one ofrepparttar 117163 hundreds of millions who ignore this priveledge and blame others for why they don't haverepparttar 117164 life they want.

If you're not satisfied with your life, change it. You have free will to live your life as you choose. You can use this free will to joinrepparttar 117165 ranks ofrepparttar 117166 wealthy if you're willing to do what they did to become wealthy.

Simply take control of your time. Trade in those TV and video game playing hours for productive time creating your own home based business. Is it worth it to you to give up some unproductive hours to build a better future for you and your family?

74% ofrepparttar 117167 wealthy own their own business. If you're not expecting a big inheritance any time soon, this is your ticket. It takes some vision, discipline, and time, but it's waiting for you if you want it bad enough.

Don't sell 40 years of your life to be onrepparttar 117168 j.o.b. (just over broke) treadmill as a worker bee making someone else money. Put your free time to good use when you're not at your j.o.b. Take responsibility for creatingrepparttar 117169 life you really want. You know, one with freedom.

The statistics above show that only 5% of all American employees are financially secure or wealthy byrepparttar 117170 time they are 60.

"Out ofrepparttar 117171 40 Richest people under 40, over half made their fortune onrepparttar 117172 internet" -Fortune Magazine

Believe it or not, so can you!! Every dayrepparttar 117173 internet offers more opportunities to start your own home based business. Even better, it gets easier everyday becauserepparttar 117174 pioneers of internet marketing keep developing new, better, simpler and automated ways to make money online.

Once again, forget about wealthy. If you only end up making your current income but can do it on your own time from home how would you like that? You'll do much better than that if you're serious, but even that life would be better, wouldn't it?

Your life will be a statistic. The question is which statistic will it be: an employee taking orders who ends up dead broke or a business owner who is in control of life and is financially secure well beforerepparttar 117175 age of 60. It's up to you. Make your choice and take some action.

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The 13 Hidden Treasures of Internet Marketing

Written by Sopan Greene, M.A., www.NetMarketingMastery.com

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7. TIME FREEDOM. You build your business as fast or slow as you like. You can work all day or 2 hours at night after you put your kids to sleep. Work one day a week or seven. It's ALL up to you.

8. JOB SECURITY ON AUTOPILOT. Remember job security? It doesn't exist inrepparttar world of being an employee. If it takes you 3 or even 5 years to build your business from part time to full time at home, you're still ahead of millions of people depending on a paycheck for all 40 to 60 years they have to be an employee.

9. OPEN 24 HOURS IN EVERY COUNTRY. ...Oh yeah, that. Your site works for you while you sleep. So does your advertising,repparttar 117161 articles you write, and your ezine. Consider every little thing you do to market to be a new roundrepparttar 117162 clock employee you just hired for free. These employees will stay out onrepparttar 117163 web working for you forever. The BIG SECRET is thatrepparttar 117164 older your online business gets,repparttar 117165 less work it takes to make more money.

10. YOU KEEP THE CASH. If you're an employee you are a cog inrepparttar 117166 company machine. The company keeps most ofrepparttar 117167 money your labor produces. As you build your company online you keep ALLrepparttar 117168 money your labor produces. Since you'rerepparttar 117169 owner instead ofrepparttar 117170 employee,repparttar 117171 bigger your business growsrepparttar 117172 fatter YOUR wallet gets!

11. YOU DON'T HAVE TO FIGURE IT OUT. Plenty of other folks have been in this game for awhile. They createdrepparttar 117173 blueprints so you don't have to. If you learn how to do it from people who are already making a killing it's simple. You do what they've done and you will getrepparttar 117174 same results.

12. CHEAP AND FREE RESOURCES. You can subscribe to ezines full of free tips. You can buy information on how to build your business for as little as $14.97. Obviously,repparttar 117175 more expensiverepparttar 117176 information isrepparttar 117177 more valuable it is and it will help you to build faster, but you can find plenty of great support that's cheap too.

13. YOU ARE A PART OF A COMMUNITY. Online marketers are usually nice people who like to help each other. It's a great bunch of people to be dealing with. If you want support along your journey it's only an e-mail away.

Do you know of any other business with all of these benefits? Network marketing isrepparttar 117178 closest and it still isn't even close to being this beneficial...unless you use internet marketing to build it.

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