Why You're Better Off Creating a Free E-mail Workshop than a Free E-book

Written by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta

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- You don't need an e-book compiler in order to share information or knowledge with others.

- You don't need to buyrepparttar expensive Adobe Acrobat program to create e-mail workshops.

- Your target audience won't need to have certain programs installed in their computers before they can read your e-book (e.g. Acrobat Reader, MS Reader, IE 4.0 or higher for browser-dependent e-books). Present your information in e-mail workshop format - best if in plain text - and you're guaranteed they'd be able to read it straight from their e-mail clients.

- You don't need to set aside precious megabytes on your site to store your e-book.

- You don't need to worry aboutrepparttar 125148 amount of bandwidth that will be used up each time someone downloads your free e-book from your site.

- With an e-mail workshop, you'll be able to really trackrepparttar 125149 people who took it. What does it matter if your tracker says 1,000 people downloaded your free e-book but you don't have a way to contact them? (And you won't ever know if they took up one of your paid offers inrepparttar 125150 future.) You only have numbers with free e-books. But what you really need are concrete leads - e-mail addresses - so you can spend most of your marketing efforts on people who are in your niche.

Create a free e-mail workshop instead of a free e-book and you'll have something people will refer back to again and again. They'll only need to open their e-mail clients and click on your message.

And this is why you're better off creating a free e-mail workshop than a free e-book! ###

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Turn Your Old Articles Into Profitable E-mail Courses

Written by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ

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5. Do your articles userepparttar 'you' voice? If not, re-write as if you're telling your friend a story. Do your articles sound formal? Even though you're 'teaching' something, strive to keep it lighthearted. Be engaging and friendly, but never be too flippant or condescending.

6. Include additional resources atrepparttar 125147 end of each module or follow up. These resources could be online references and researches, and even more intensive lessons.

7. Proofread.

8. Insert your promotional texts inrepparttar 125148 beginning, middle or end of each module or follow up. However, don't overdo this. People who will request your e-mail course are going to see through you once they find out that your promotional texts far outweighrepparttar 125149 lessons and valuable instructions in your e-mail course. Put value overrepparttar 125150 content of your e-mail course first and your workshop takers will trust you and believe in your expertise.

9. Put your e-mail course on autoresponder and setrepparttar 125151 time each module or follow up will be sent. You can use free or fee-based autoresponders.

Before you announce your e-mail course, test and re-test it thoroughly. When you're certain everything is fine, go ahead and announce it.

Copyright (c) Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ

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