Why Women Make Better Investors than Men

Written by Mika Hamilton

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Investing is not about being right or wrong. It’s about making money. Women are able to put their egos aside in ways men have trouble doing. This ability to set their ego aside makes women great investors.

Need proof? Ask yourself this: if a man and a woman are lost on a trip, who is more likely to stop and ask for directions? Women are more likely to ask investment questions until they completely understandrepparttar concepts. Men, onrepparttar 149757 other hand, can be too afraid to askrepparttar 149758 necessary questions because he may look bad doing so. Women tend to come to investing with a mind to learn. And when they learn, they execute solid plans. Men can be heard saying they “know that a company is good”, whereas women can usually tell you whyrepparttar 149759 company is good.

As more and more women turn to investing, I think we will see this trend of women outperforming men. A woman’s ability to put her ego aside already gives herrepparttar 149760 upper hand in investment strategy.

And because women on average still get paid less than men (a situation that needs to change--pronto!), women can use their inherent advantages to invest more and work less. So men can go out, work hard, and earn a lot of money, whereas women can invest more, work less, and earn a lot more money.

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I Have A Dream

Written by Nancy Hill

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· Of movies that cast actresses who look like women instead of emaciated skeletons.

· Of a world rich with love and acceptance rather than one of souls starved by hatred and rejection.

To be honest, it feels awkward to apply a great man's signature line to a different cause. And yet, I think Reverend King would understand. I think he would agree that bigotry and hatred of any kind is unacceptable.

I think he would support women living rich lives instead of starving themselves and being miserable due to extreme cultural prejudice. I think he would agree that a person can no more change their genetic body size and shape than they can changerepparttar color of their skin. And that neither shape, nor color, have anything to do withrepparttar 149756 quality ofrepparttar 149757 person.

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