Why Using an Ad Blocker Can be a Bad Idea

Written by Joe Duchesne

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Would everything be a disaster onrepparttar Internet without ads?

Having email being spam free would be nice but blocking spam is a lot less precise than using an ad blocker to eliminate all kinds of ads. If we had no pop ups to worry aboutrepparttar 148702 Internet would be nicer, but most people already get this withrepparttar 148703 latest browsers.

I am all in favor of eliminating intrusive advertising methods like pop ups and spyware but I thinkrepparttar 148704 whole idea of blocking all ads is short sighted. Tools certainly exist to block almost all forms of advertising online. I would urge you though to think twice before you activate ad blocking on all forms of advertising.

Non intrusive, in-context advertising can actually help you

I can't countrepparttar 148705 number of times I've been on a web page that didn't have exactly what I was looking for but an ad on that site did. Same thing when searching Google. Sometimesrepparttar 148706 listings are not relevant torepparttar 148707 kind of information I'm after butrepparttar 148708 ads onrepparttar 148709 side orrepparttar 148710 top are.

Is all advertising evil? Of course not. Many forms of advertising can actually be helpful. Next time you're thinking about blocking that text or banner ad, think twice. You may need access to an advertiser inrepparttar 148711 future. What'srepparttar 148712 harm in that?

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Advertising in RSS Feeds: Are we risking disaster?

Written by Joe Duchesne

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I would suggest that you keep your advertising to less than 20% of your feed. That would mean that in an RSS feed with 10 items in it, you have no more than 2 items that are advertising. I can see this number though getting dictated byrepparttar likes of Google and other advertising agencies.

The advertising must add value to your visitor

The advertising will need to look like a news story in order to be successful. If it is simply tagged as advertising,repparttar 148393 click through rate will most likely be horrible. Atrepparttar 148394 same time though,repparttar 148395 link will need to be truly useful for someone looking for information on that particular topic. If you have a feed on maintaining a vibrant garden andrepparttar 148396 advertisers' link is about being computer parts, this would very much turn off visitors and webmasters alike. Companies like Google though have become pretty good at targeting their advertisers torepparttar 148397 context ofrepparttar 148398 page or content so I don't see this as a big problem when using these services.

Should you add advertising to your RSS feeds? Yes, but be cautious about it. RSS feeds are truly useful to your overall marketing goals even if you abstain from putting any advertising in them.

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