Why Using Spaces To Line Up Text Is A Bad Idea

Written by Rafael Van Dyke

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Changingrepparttar Tab Alignment The tab stops we’ve discussed so far have all been aligned to left. You can change them from left tabs to either center, right, or decimal tabs (good for aligning numbers with a decimal in them). To do so, simply click onrepparttar 107873 box directly torepparttar 107874 left ofrepparttar 107875 ruler bar that has an “L” in it; each time you click,repparttar 107876 symbol changes to a different tab alignment. However, this technique isrepparttar 107877 hardest to learn and to manage. There’s a better to creating lists with different alignments.

The Best Technique – A Table Using a table is by farrepparttar 107878 best way to create any type of list you want. You simply create a table withrepparttar 107879 number of columns and rows that you need, adjustrepparttar 107880 column widths by clicking and draggingrepparttar 107881 column lines, and just type your text in each cell. You can changerepparttar 107882 alignment by simply usingrepparttar 107883 alignment buttons you normally would for a paragraph. The added advantage of tables is being able to format them with borders and shading. Typicallyrepparttar 107884 top row would contain your headings, which you could format with bold text and a gray background. If you don’t need any special formatting, simply highlightrepparttar 107885 table and remove allrepparttar 107886 borders and shading.

Either way, using a table will be easier to maintain than any other technique. But any technique is better than trying to userepparttar 107887 spacebar. If you haven’t already, for your own good … please break this habit!

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Do You Make REGULAR Backups?

Written by John Evans

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Since then, I have switched to a 250mb Zip Drive. And what a difference. When I was using 1.44mb floppies, it took quite a few just to back uprepparttar necessary files. Now, withrepparttar 107872 250mb zip floppy, I can back up WHOLE PROGRAMS, and not justrepparttar 107873 important files.

The 250mb floppy holdsrepparttar 107874 equivelant of just over 173 ofrepparttar 107875 1.44 floppies. Talk about saving space.

The cost? The 250mb Zip Drive itself can sell for around $150-$200. Butrepparttar 107876 real savings is inrepparttar 107877 floppy disks,repparttar 107878 time saved, andrepparttar 107879 convenience.

A 1.44 floppy disk sells for around 50 cent each, depending onrepparttar 107880 quantity you buy, and where you buy them. So, 173 would cost you about $86.50. The last zip floppies I bought were $55 for 4, which makes them $13.75 each. Compare $13.75 to $86.50 forrepparttar 107881 same amount of disk space. A huge saving. And you only have to mess with 1 disk, instead of 173. I love it.

Butrepparttar 107882 REAL important thing here is to BACKUP, no matter how you do it, JUST BACKUP.

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