Why This Is The Best Year Ever to Shop AND Sell OnLine

Written by Shannan Hearne

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* Attain and maintain high rankings inrepparttar search engines. This is always important, but never so important as duringrepparttar 109023 busiest shopping season ofrepparttar 109024 year. If you are not good at this, and many people aren't, retainrepparttar 109025 services of a site promotion specialist like http://www.successpromotions.com. And make sure your site is search engine ready.

* Advertise via email to all your past clients, your leads, and everyone on your mailing list. You should be doing this regularly, but now it is more important than ever. Consumers are very savvy and they will go where they getrepparttar 109026 most bang for their buck AND where they getrepparttar 109027 best customer service.

* Don't oversell. Know in advance what your Christmas delivery ordering deadline must be to guarantee delivery and stick to it.

* Offer shipping alternatives that alleviaterepparttar 109028 Antrax scare. The US Postal Service cannot protect us from all evils. And this year, people are more interested in germ free delivery than they are saving money on shipping.

Friday, November 24, 2001 marksrepparttar 109029 beginning ofrepparttar 109030 holiday shopping frenzy. Make sure you get your share ofrepparttar 109031 market. Because this isrepparttar 109032 best year ever to shop and to sell online.

Shannan Hearne is the President and Wizard of Success Promotions Internet Marketing Services. You can turn to the Wizard to build your e-business better. http://www.successpromotions.com

Net Retailers Face 45 Percent Growth in Market

Written by Rob Spiegel

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Among those retailers who did survive,repparttar news continues to improve. The report finds that online retailers have been able to reduce their losses as a percentage of revenues. Operating losses decreased as a percentage of revenue from 19 percent in 1999 to 13 percent in 2000. As forrepparttar 109022 elusive profitability, even more happy tidings. By Internet retail type, 72 percent of catalogers (sites owned by offline catalogs), 43 percent of store-based retailers (sites owned by brick stores) and 27 percent of Web-based retailers (Net-only retailers) are profitable at an operating level.

The report finds thatrepparttar 109023 movement toward profitability is due, in large part, to online retailers placing tighter controls on their marketing budgets. You think?. As a result, customer acquisition costs for all online retailers fell from an average of $38 in 1999 to $29 in 2000. Web-based retailers (the stickiest ofrepparttar 109024 wickets), in particular, were able to bring them down from a high of $82 (ouch) to $55 (still not great) overrepparttar 109025 same period. The best-performing Web-based retailers (the top 50 percent) reduced acquisition costs to an average of $14 (yea!) per customer rivalingrepparttar 109026 performance of catalog-based retailers.

The report concludes that Internet retailing is alive and very much healthy. Yet it also warns that each category of Internet retailer still has plenty to learn about running online stores. "Web-based retailers need to learnrepparttar 109027 basics of retailing," said Peter Stanger, vice president and leader of Boston Consulting Group's business-to-consumer topic area. "Store-based players are new to home delivery and selling to consumers one-on-one from a distance. Catalogers have a leg up in many dimensions, but they need to perfect ways to exploitrepparttar 109028 relationship-marketing opportunities. The winners will be those companies that can most effectively acquire or developrepparttar 109029 capabilities they lack and integrate them with their existing strengths." Amen.

Hats off torepparttar 109030 Net boom. They sayrepparttar 109031 king is dead. We say, long liverepparttar 109032 king.

Rob Spiegel is the author of Net Strategy (Dearborn) and The Shoestring Entrepreneur's Guide to the Best Home-Based Businesses (St. Martin's Press). You can reach Rob at spiegelrob@aol.com.

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