"Why These Berkeley Scientists Were Baffled!" Breakthrough Scientific Research on the Amoeba And Why You Must Know This!

Written by Glenn Dietzel

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You require a hostile and less than optimum environment for you to truly flourish. Let’s think about your own business as an author or as someone who has information products/services that you exchange for money inrepparttar market place. And this probably applies to you right now. Many people I speak with, including some of my clients, expect success to fall in their laps. They expect an optimum environment for success. However, for those of you who have been in business for any length of time, you know this is just not a fact. You probably struggle with issues of getting an idea intorepparttar 150527 market place. You probably fret over how to drive traffic to your website. You perhaps even lie awake at night planningrepparttar 150528 newsletter you want to write and how to convert it into cash flow in your business. Guess What? These problems are great! This is where your greatness resides. Inrepparttar 150529 face of adversity. Inrepparttar 150530 grips of fear, uncertainty and self-doubt. Your character is molded here. You will develop best inrepparttar 150531 midst of adversity. When others say you “can’t.” When others say, “Who are you to do that?” When others expect you to fail and shout, “But you gave up a great pension as an educator!” Be careful of how you view success. One of my pet peeves is business owners who feelrepparttar 150532 need to brag about their purchases in their newsletters. As if success is defined by material status. Now, don’t get me wrong…material things are great…but they should not berepparttar 150533 defining reason as to why you are in business. Nor do I think it is very professional to do so. If success was defined asrepparttar 150534 material things in our lives, we would grow to be lazy creatures. We would waste away our lives. We would end up just likerepparttar 150535 amoeba inrepparttar 150536 Petri dishes inrepparttar 150537 laboratories atrepparttar 150538 University of Berkeley California. Dead! So…keep growing. Keep putting yourself in hostile territories…because this is where dreams are tested, where perseverance puts value intorepparttar 150539 market place, and whererepparttar 150540 character of a true champion is born.

Glenn Dietzel is founder and President of Awakened, LLC. Glenn provides keynotes, seminars, bookcamps(TM), and is known as an international speaker. In addition, he consults entrepreneurs and business owners on how to create a digital product, building an online business that consistently produces multiple streams of income. For information about Awakened, LLC or Glenn Dietzel please email glenn@AwakenTheAuthorWithin.com or call # 519-542-3043.

Leadership Development for Success

Written by Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D

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In CMOE’s leadership training, we acquaint participants with (or reaffirm)repparttar fundamental qualities and characteristics leaders need to possess. For example, in our leadership development training, we examinerepparttar 150524 quality of courage. Leaders will always be required to makerepparttar 150525 right decisions and manage dilemmas. They must also take risks and at times withstandrepparttar 150526 ridicule from others. Courage isrepparttar 150527 strength to choose and stand forrepparttar 150528 right course of action. Leaders will experience failure (the great teacher), and leaders must respond courageously to failure and take responsibility. Owning up to a failed action, learning from it, and adjusting your course is a courageous act. Giving someone bad news, confronting a sensitive conflict, and giving feedback to others takes skill, tact, and most definitely courage. Courage can only come from deep within one’s being. In CMOE’s leadership development, we help leaders improve or strengthen this characteristic.

It is this courage that distinguishes great leaders from those who have skills but don’t convert their knowledge to proper actions and decisions. Courage, rather than power, position, or techniques, defines great leadership.

Leadership without character will eventually create “motivation fall out.” Without genuine leadership, people will not set up and contribute their talents and energy. If they feel manipulated with “slick” techniques they will withdraw their support and loyalty. In our leadership development curriculum, we connect leaders with qualities like:

  • Inclusiveness / Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Accessibility & Humility
  • Credibility

This is a time when we need leaders and members alike who can move forward, think positively, and act creatively. Character based leadership providesrepparttar 150529 foundation for building skills and confidence.

Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D, is the co-founder of the Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness.

For more information about CMOE’s 30 years of experience in leadership development, call toll free at 1-888-262-2499.

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