Why The Internet Doesn't Work

Written by Dale Armin Miller

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There are things that do or do not make it easier for you to work. But it always boils down to this: YOU have to work.

"Work?!" -- Maynard G. Krebs

Yes, work. Hard work. Putting in your time. Paying your dues.

If what you're doing isn't working for you then, for God's sake, do it differently. Or do something else.

If you don't want to do that, it's fine by me. I don't mind. It's even reasonable. But, if that's what you decide, be honest about it: That's what you decided.

"What about all those Internet companies onrepparttar news that went belly up? How can I hope to succeed?"

What about allrepparttar 124099 Internet companies that did NOT go belly up? ... and are doing just fine, thank you very much. If you want to focus on how airliners crash, watchrepparttar 124100 news. If you want to focus on what works inrepparttar 124101 airline industry, go torepparttar 124102 airport. It's your choice.

Just don't say, "It doesn't work!"

I've been hearing that since I was in fifth grade. Now I'm 49 -- you dorepparttar 124103 math (it depresses me). And I'm so sick of it that I could puke.

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Lee Iacocca, King of Detroit

Written by Dave Cole

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The internal affairs at Chrysler were a mess. This was a company that was going torepparttar dogs, and going there fast.

Rolling up his shirt sleeves, Lee went to work trying to bring some manner of cohesion torepparttar 124098 upper level management. Then he hired a top notch public relations firm to get back customer confidence.

Things still didn't get any better. To make matters worse,repparttar 124099 world economy in 1979 was falling apart. Gas prices were doubling andrepparttar 124100 fuel efficient import cars were taking over domestic sales.

Chrysler got hit hard.

Iaccoca's company was going under and he knew it. There was only 1 course for him to take. He went torepparttar 124101 US Government seeking loans for a bail out. Congress was not impressed, but Lee had done his homework. He argued that if Chrysler collapsed it would costrepparttar 124102 country $2.75 billion dollars alone in unemployment benefits.

His speech beforerepparttar 124103 US Congress was so convincing, that Iacocca and Chrysler got their loans.

In his fight for survival, Lee cut his own salary to $1 a year. Everybody in management got a salary cut except forrepparttar 124104 secretaries, who Iaccoca believed deserved every cent they made.

Next he took onrepparttar 124105 union and said: "Look boys, I've got a shotgun to your head. I've got thousands of jobs at seventeen bucks an hour. I've got no jobs open at twenty."

The company began an all-American ad campaign to promote their new fuel efficient K-car. The car soon began to sell like hot cakes.

His persistence and "never give up" attitude and his willingness to do whatever measures it took to ensurerepparttar 124106 viability ofrepparttar 124107 company worked. Chrysler paid backrepparttar 124108 loans a full seven years ahead of their due date.

Lee Iacocca had become a roaring success.

His thoughts are:

"Apply yourself. Get allrepparttar 124109 education you can, but then, by God, do something! Don't just stand there, make something happen. It isn't easy, but if you keep your nose torepparttar 124110 grindstone and work at it, it's amazing how in a free society you can become as great as you want to be. And, of course, also be grateful for whatever blessings God bestows on you."

Dave Cole Editor/Publisher Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours http://choosetoprosper.com

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