Why Tape Backups Are Obsolete in Today's Schools

Written by Chris Schutte

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I recommend using external hard drives for backup. A 200GB drive can be purchased for about $200.00. This is by far cheaper than tape. By using a rotation of multiple external hard drives you get a form of backup that is much faster than tape and can be taken off-site. The backups can be checked by just browsingrepparttar drive, similar to browsing your C: drive.

External hard drives work with most backup software, and some drives even come with their own. Switching from a tape based system to a drive based system normally requires very little modification to your current system.

In summary, external drives are faster, easier to verify, and much cheaper than tape. When it comes time to upgrade your schools data backup system do a comparison between tape and external hard drives. I think you will see that unless tape drive manufacturers makes some big changes they are quickly on their way to becoming obsolete inrepparttar 133459 school market.

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Understanding ASP.NET Validation Controls

Written by Balaji

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• Range Validation control: Prompts message torepparttar user, ifrepparttar 133458 data entered inrepparttar 133459 input field is not withinrepparttar 133460 range ofrepparttar 133461 values specified byrepparttar 133462 Maximum and Minimum properties ofrepparttar 133463 validation control.

• Comparison Validation control: Allowsrepparttar 133464 user to compare two values and check for comparisons such as equality, greater-than, less-than etc. In addition you can check whetherrepparttar 133465 data entered inrepparttar 133466 input field is ofrepparttar 133467 data type as specified by you.

• RegularExpression Validation control: Allows you to validate ifrepparttar 133468 format of a certain input field is correct or not. You can checkrepparttar 133469 validation ofrepparttar 133470 commonly performed formats such as social security numbers, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and postal code.

• Custom Validation control: Allows you to define your own condition for validatingrepparttar 133471 data inrepparttar 133472 input fields. Two validation functions can be performed using Custom Validation control: first onrepparttar 133473 server-side and second onrepparttar 133474 client-side. These functions contain logic defined by you to validaterepparttar 133475 input fields. These functions returnsrepparttar 133476 True value and False value, ifrepparttar 133477 condition you specified is correct or not respectively.

Ifrepparttar 133478 control’s value does not validate to what you have specified inrepparttar 133479 validation control tag,repparttar 133480 web form displays an error message. Moreover, you can customizerepparttar 133481 format ofrepparttar 133482 error message by usingrepparttar 133483 control properties such as BackColor, BorderStyle, and BorderWidth. In addition, you can use Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) to format an error message.

To access online version ofrepparttar 133484 above article, please go to http://www.dotnet-guide.com/validation.html

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